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Canadian culture has been influenced mainly by the culture of Europe. Specifically the culture of Britain and France has great impact on Canadian Culture. Over the period the ethnicity of Canada's aboriginal people and migrant population was integrated with that of the mainstream Canada. The proximity between Canada and America and increasing migration between both the countries resulted in the exposure of Canadian culture to that of American. Thus the American culture also influenced the Canadian culture.

Government of Canada has framed certain programs, laws and institutions to promote Canadian culture. It has also set legal minimums on Canadian stuff in several media by making use of bodies such as the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).


Canadian food types are different in different regions of the country. The traditional cooking of English Canada is similar to that of British and American. The food items of French Canada have their origin in French cuisine and the winter foods of fur traders. Both the cuisines have baked foods, wild game, and gathered foods in common. The base of both is seasonal, fresh food ingredient and preserves. However, Canadians all across the country like Chinese food.

The following are some of the cuisines mostly liked by Canadians from all regions:

  • Roast Beef with yorkshire pudding
  • Fatboy Hamburger
  • Roast Turkey
  • Beans and toast
  • Fiddlehead greens
  • Ginger beef(candied, deep fried and served with sweet ginger sauce)
  • Back or peameal bacon (called Canadian bacon in the US)
  • Haddock and chips (often found at chip stands and in restaurants)
  • Tourtière and pâté à la râpure
  • Smoked meat (Montreal-style)
  • Hearty breads
  • Pâté chinois
  • Fry bread, and dough goods (Bannock)
  • Bouilli, Québécois ham
  • Vegetable harvest meal
  • Baked cream corn and peas
  • Roasted root vegetables
  • Poutine
  • Sauteed winter greens
  • Oreilles de crisse
  • Sea vegetables
  • Force meat
  • Wild yams
  • Wild rice
  • Cheese curds
  • Flipper pie
  • Hot chicken or turkey sandwich
  • Fried bread from Newfoundland(Toutins)


French Canadian men like to wear locally manufactured leather clothing that includes footwear and leather or fabric leggings. These clothes are especially worn by rural area residents. All the Canadians like to wear attractive, high-crowned felt hats, trimmed with ostrich feathers. Some of them wore a woollen, finger-woven multicolored sash with arrowhead decorations.

Both the men and women usually wear FUR with the fur side out to create a luxurious look.

The traditional wears of Canadian women are separate tops and skirts. Corset bodices, chemises, petticoats, aprons and caps.

However, with changing lifestyle and fashion, the clothing of Canadians has been changed to a greater extent.


As Canada is a Christian nation, Canadians follow the Christian model of life after death, hell and heaven. Most of the community activities are accomplished in the church. Religious practitioners play a major role in non spiritual aspects of communities. As religious diversity is more in Canada, it is difficult to monitor traditional rituals of all groups.

However, Canadians believe more in religious affiliation than religious observances.


The following are some of the events celebrated throughout the Canada with lots of joy and gaiety:

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