Canadian Citizenship Test Rules

Test Rules of Canadian Citizenship

The year 2012 saw a lot of revamping of the existing rules for Canadian citizenship. Both the language and citizenship test have been made more stringent. This has led to an increase in failures especially in the citizenship test.

Language assessment – old method

The earlier system stipulated test for applicant of Canadian citizenship should be proficient in either one of the official languages of Canada, English and French. The proof of his skill was measured solely on the basis of their performance in the Canadian citizenship knowledge assessment. The personal interactions with CIC officials were also taken as a proof of language skill.  

The New system

The new revised rule says that the applicants should now present more up-front and objective evidence of their ability in either of these languages. The change was implemented from November, 2012 onwards. The citizenship aspirant has to give proof of his skill in speaking and listening in the languages at the time of application.

The language assessment is mandatory for any person between 18 and 54 years of age. People who are above 54 are exempted from this rule. The level of language proficiency remains the same; the alteration has been made in the method of demonstrating the language skill. The applicants for Canadian citizenship are expected to have adequate skill in listening and speaking in the Canadian Language Benchmark 4. This score should be achieved by the applicant when he applies for citizenship.
The evidences that are normally accepted include:

  1. A positive outcome in attest conducted by a third party that has been approved by CIC.
  2. Evidence to prove that the applicant has completed secondary or post secondary level in education either in English or French.
  3. Proof that the applicant had achieved the suitable level in language in language training programs that has been funded by the government.

Citizenship test

The procedure for Canadian citizenship also includes a citizenship test in which the applicant is expected to appear for an evaluation in which his knowledge on different aspects of Canadian history and governance would be assessed. The test consists of 20 multiple choice questions which are to be answered in 30 minutes. 15 correct answers would ensure a pass.
Canadian citizenship test is a rigorous process where the applicant has to prove his skills in various areas.