Canadian Citizenship Online Test

Facing the Online test for Canadian Citizenship

One of the mandatory criterions for acquiring Canadian citizenship is the citizenship test. The application for citizenship would be considered only if you succeed in this test. The Canadian citizenship test is conducted online and is meant to evaluate your knowledge of Canada. The online test is also necessary if you are applying for retaining the citizenship.

As soon as your application for Canadian citizenship has been processed, the office of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada would supply you with the book Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. This book is given free of cost. The syllabus for the test is included in the contents of this book. Hence it should be the primary source of reference for preparation of the test.

Versions of this book are also available online. Many websites also provide you with practice questions that would help you to prepare for the test.

The purpose

Naturally, any person who wishes for Canadian citizenship should at least have a rudimentary knowledge of the country that he is planning to make his home. The purpose of the test is to measure your awareness in this aspect.
The areas that would be tested include:

  1. The political history of Canada which includes the institutions of systems of politics.
  2. The significance of the social, cultural and historical symbols of Canada.
  3. The details of voting rights and rules regarding the rights of a citizen to participate in the election procedure.
  4. The electoral procedures.
  5. The responsibilities and rights of a Canadian citizen.
  6. The physical and geographical aspects of Canada.

The oral test

At times, the test can also be conducted orally. This is done in the form of an interview with the citizenship judge. The oral interview is also used as a means to assess the language skills of the applicant. The time and date for conducting the test is intimated by the CIC.

Once you succeed in the test and all other criteria for Canadian citizenship are fulfilled, you would be considered eligible for citizenship. And you are ready for the oath that would recognize officially as a bonafide citizen of your new country.