Canadian Citizenship Fees

Canadian Citizenship Payment Schedule

Applying for Canadian citizenship is a fairly easy process if you fulfil the mandatory requirements. Naturally, the application form should be accompanied by the stipulated fees. The Canadian government has a fixed schedule for the payment of fees for citizenship. The fee can be either paid in person or through the online facility.

The amount

The cost of applying for Canadian citizenship varies as per the age. For an adult, the amount is C$200. The fee for an applicant below the age of 18 is C$100.

The off-line facility

The authentic receipt for payment of Canadian citizenship fee – IMM 5401 is available on placement of order via mail as this form is not available online. The form may be filled and the payment can be done at financial institutions like a bank or Western Union.

Online payment is not allowed if a person falls under the category of federal skilled tradesperson, federal investor or federal skilled worker. In such cases, the amount for Canadian citizenship is to be forwarded to Centralized Intake Office located in Sydney, Nova Scotia in Canada. This is also applicable if you fall under the provision of Quebec-Haiti Humanitarian Sponsorship.

Online payment

Online fee payment for Canadian citizenship requires a valid email id, facility for credit card payment, a printer and the PDF Reader software. The first step involves choosing the service for which the payment is being done. Details of your email id are to be given for the electronic delivery of the CIC official receipt.

The amount for payment is to be selected next. When you click on the ‘Payment of Fees’ option, you would be forwarded to the website of the Receiver General of Canada to provide the information of credit card details. The approval of the payment is shown through the display of an official receipt.

Two copies of this receipt should be printed and the details of Payer Information are to be filled in by hand in both the copies. One copy is to be attached with the application form and the other is to be retained as proof of payment.  

If the application for Canadian citizenship is being done online, the above process can be circumvented as the submission of the online form is immediately followed by the online payment service.