Canadian Citizenship Application Form and Appeals

Canadian Citizenship Appealing Process

Every year nearly 170,000 applications for Canadian citizenship come before the government and quite a few do get rejected due to various reasons. After the application is processed, the request for Canadian citizenship is placed before the citizenship judge who has the authority to accept or reject it.

The process of appealing

In case your application for Canadian citizenship has been rejected by the citizenship judge, you have the provision of appealing his verdict in the Federal Court. You may also reapply to the CIC once you have assured that you would be able to meet with all the specifications required for Canadian citizenship.

The requirements

Once the decision has been made to file a Notice of Application for the appeal, the filing should be done within 60 days from the day on which the verdict by the citizenship judge was mailed to your address. A reference to the Citizenship Act would give you further information on the issue. The applicant is to enter his name as the respondent.

The fee for filing the notice for Canadian citizenship is C$50. The payment can be done using the credit card facility or via money order, cash, personal cheque or debit. The Notice is to be filed to the Registry of the Court accompanied by the specified number of copies. Once the copies have been certified by stamping, the original Notice of Application would be retained by them and the copies would be returned to you.

What next?

Within ten days of the Notice of Application being issued, you are to personally deliver a copy of the Notice to the Citizenship Commission who is the respondent. Within the next 30 days of serving this Notice, you should file the supporting documents and affidavits that you would need to support your claim. This is to be done both with the respondent and the Registry.
When the date of cross examination has been scheduled, your file and application record is to be filed within 20 days before the ending of the cross examination.

The representation

The respondent has the right to represent himself in the court, but it is advisable to seek the help of a lawyer to assist you. The decision of the Federal Court is final.
So you have set the ball in motion to re-examine your Canadian citizenship application.