Canadian Business Visa


Canadian Business Visas are usually given to those individuals who have to capacity to enter into some business activity while in Canada. The form of business may be investment, as an entrepreneur or undertaking some self-employed business.

  • Investors: By investors, it means that individuals with some considerable experience and a minimum net worth should invest in the Canadian economy.
  • Entrepreneurs: There is an entrepreneur program which is aimed at drawing migrants with experience, who are capable of independently managing and participating in businesses in Canada. These individuals are expected to give some contributions to the economy and generate jobs. They should have prior experience. Here again, the rules governing minimum net worth on the arrival of the individual in Canada apply.
  • Self-employment: In the case of self-employed persons, these individuals are expected to generate their own employment and have the ability to do so independently. The individuals under this category are expected to make contributions in the fields of culture and atheletics. Conversely, these individuals may also show their own ability in buying and running a farm in Canada.

Eligibility for a Canadian Business Visa

An individual may have sufficient financial resources at hand to be in a position to conduct business activities in Canada at a comfortable level. However, just having the money and meeting a few criteria are not enough. There are several criteria which must be met while seeking a Canadian Business Visa. Given below are the c criteria for obtaining a Canadian Business Visa.

  • Tenure of Business Experience: The candidate should have had at least 2 years of successfully handling a business of which the sole ownership should be attributed to the candidate of at least a third of the business of a predefined size.

  • Minimum Net Worth: The individual should have a net value of at least $300,000 CDN to their credit.

  • Single Business Immigration Service: The candidate may only use one immigration service. In is not allowed to switch over to another service midway.

  • Points-Based Selection: Candidates are evaluated against points awarded to them which are attributed to business experience, proficiency in language and level of education.

  • Business Experience: For those seeking a Canadian Business Visa, a certain number of points are awarded based on the business experience shown by the candidate five years before applying for the Visa. The points awarded for this may be in the range from 20 to 35.

  • Education: The basis of points awarded to the individual linked to level of educational proficiency is on the highest academic qualification and the number of years in full-time study.

  • Language Proficiency: Under the purview of the entrepreneur scheme, language skills are considered in the two official languages of Canada, French and English. A candidate who is proficient in both these languages is required to select either one as the first language.

  • Age: Points are also awarded on the basis of age to those seeking a Canadian Business Visa. The maximum points can be obtained between 21 and 49. Over this age two points are deducted for an increase in every two years. Nil points are given to those under the age of 17 or over the age of 53.

  • Adaptability to the Canadian Lifestyle: One can earn extra points by showing that he or she is capable of adapting to life in Canada. This can be achieved by making a trip in the period of five years prior to applying for the Canadian Business Visa. Alternatively, the person could have participated in an immigration program.


Canadian Business Visas also include dependents who may be the spouse, common-law partner or dependent children below 22 years of age.


This is just a brief outline of the features of the Canadian Business Visa. While guidance is offered here to enlighten a prospective candidate as to what to expect, one should ultimately take the help of a regular, professional consultant, for getting the Visa with maximum ease.