Canada Veterans Day 2016

Veterans Day in Canada is a yearly occasion commemorated on November 11 in Canada to honor the military veterans. Veterans Day is also known as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in many other countries. Veterans Day is particularly celebrated on November 11 for the history associated with it. Let us take a look at the history behind celebrating this day!

The commonwealth nations and allied nations fought among themselves which was called World War I and continued for years. It was in the year 1918 when the war ended signing a treaty of peace on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. More than 116000 people including veterans lost their lives in this battle. Since then, November 11 is commemorated as an honor to all veterans, both living an dead.

How is Veterans Day in Canada celebrated?

Veterans Day is a statutory day-off from work for banks, schools, libraries, stores and other businesses while some of the schools choose to remain open and celebrate this day in a special way. Veterans Day is celebrated by organizing parades, church services and adorning the Canadian Flag half mast. 

Q & A

1. Select the correct spelling of Veterans Day?

A. Veterans Day
B. Veteran's Day
C. Veterans' Day

Answer: (A)

The correct spelling of this word will be Veterans Day while options B & C are wrong. If the apostrophe is placed in the word, it means that the particular day will belong to Veterans, but in general it is a day celebrated to honor Veterans.

2. In which month of the year does this Veterans Day celebrated?
A. 11th November
B. 27th October
C. 4th December

Answer: (A)

11th November is the day when Veterans Day is celebrated as a National Ceremony all over the world.

3. Should all the Government offices and businesses have to open or close is decided by?

A. Federal Government
B. Office of Personnel Management
C. State or Local Governments

Answer: B

Office of Personnel Management will declare the open or closure, but it ultimately depends on State or Local Governments or the Businesses for themselves. 

4. State the reason for open of some while remaining run in session on Veterans Day?

The decision to open or run in session of school purely depends on state or local governments.

5. Differentiate between a Veternal and a Memorial Day?

A Memorial day signifies the importance of remembrance of honor, of the services provided by Military Personnel. Veternal day is the celebrations to thank as well as honor those people who served honorably in the military. 

6. State the reason to wear Red Poppies on Veterans Day?

Red Poppies are worn only on Memorial day as a respect and honor for death of Military personnel. But, it is not mandatory to wear on Veterans Day and no one will be wearing them on that particular day. 

7. State the process of obtaining the Veterans Day poster?

Veterans Day posters are available in the month of September and can get in one of these two ways:

a) On the distribution of posters to schools, state governments, Veterans Day Regional Sites, the military services, and veterans service organizations.
b) Else can be downloaded from the Veterans Day Poster Gallery.

8. How can one obtain Veterans Day Teacher's Guide?

Any one can get Veterans Day Teacher's Guide by just downloading it.

9. Whether Veterans Day celebrated only in the US or World Wide?

Veterans Day is celebrated across the globe, but the name of the day differs from one country to other.

Canada Veterans Day 2016