Canada Immigration

Being the second largest country in the world, Canada has room for new immigrants. There are many different places to live here, like Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Quebec City or Edmonton. The immigration process for Canada can be time-consuming and confusing.

Canada gives away work visas, temporary work visas, travel visas, working holiday visas, business visas, family visas, student visas and citizenships.

Instructions for immigration:

  • Gather all the documents you will need for immigration provided by website Citizenship. Have the translated copies of your documents into French, the official language of Canada.
  • Learning French or English or both will give the government to decide in your favor.
  • Decide on an immigration program based on your qualification. Options include “Skilled workers and professionals," "Quebec-selected skilled workers," "Canadian Experience Class," "Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed people" and "Provincial nominees”.
  • An individual can also be financially organized by a family member who is a permanent resident. Submit the application attested by relevant documents and payment of fees.
  • Before arriving, line up a job for yourself.
  • As mandatory, pass a medical examination for you and the dependents coming with you.
  • If your application to migrate Canada is accepted, carry all the required documents, such as passport or permanent resident visa and Confirmation of Permanent Residence. Depending on the immigration program you chose, you will be required to submit your passport before assigning you your permanent resident visa.
  • Apply for a Canadian Identification like a driver’s license, social insurance number, for it is stands as a legal sign.

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