Canada Day 2017

Canada Day is the national holiday of Canada. Canada Day is also known as ‘Dominion Day’. The British North America Act of 1867 announced the declaration of the annual day of Canada and celebrated on July, 1867.

Canada Day History:

The Governor General, Lord Monck declared a royal statement, and requested for Canadians, "to celebrate the anniversary of the confederation". But the holiday was not declared initially since 1879. the holiday is known as Dominion Day since 1867.  Canada has not held the celebrations since 1917 on Domain Day.

Canada has launched the Domain Day celebrations in 1958. These celebrations are called ‘Trooping the Colour’ rites and held on Parliament Hill in the afternoon. A mass band and pyrotechnics presented at evening.

Canada Day is a significant landmark of the history of Canadian independence. The multi-cultured performances will be started in Ottawa and broadcasted nationwide and called ‘Festival Canada’ on late 1960s.

The name was changed ‘Canada Day’ that the bill was passed by only twelve Members of Parliament at House of Commons.

On October 27, 1982, the Royal Assent granted officially altered the name into ‘Canada Day’.

Dominion Day was altered Canada Day in 1958 anniversary celebrations, and televised the important events across the country.

Canada Day Activities:

Some organizing companies will be hosted the celebrations on Canada Day. Many of open-air civic events, barbecues, pageants, carnivals, festivals, air force and navy shows, pyrotechnics, free musical performances, and also citizenship ceremonies are celebrated onCanada Day.

The Governor General holds the celebrations on Parliament Hill. The other parks situated in all over the city and in Hull, Quebec. The ruler also attended atCanada Day celebrations in Ottawa. Queen Elizabeth II was shown in 1990, 1992, and 1997. On July 1, 1967, the Queen also lent a hand to the 100thCanada Day celebrations.

David Warren, a journalist, told in 2007, "The Canada of the government-funded paper flag-waving and painted faces – the 'new' Canada that is celebrated each year on what is now called 'Canada Day' – has nothing controversially Canadian about it. You could wave a different flag, and choose face paint, and nothing would be lost."

The date of Canada Day, July 1st is also Quebec's traditional Moving Day.

Canada Day Exemptions:

According to the federal Holidays Act, in case of Canada Day has come on a Sunday, the next day will be public holiday. And also Canada Day has happened on a Saturday, the next Monday is a public holiday. 

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Canada Day 2017