The Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) is a set of tests designed to evaluate student’s degree of achievement. The CAAP test enables your school analyze the impact of the education you and your classmates have gained and ascertain areas that may require more impetus.


This CAAP test is generally taken after you've met the all major requirements at your college.


There are multiple sections on the test-Reading, Science, Mathematics, Science, Writing Skills, Critical Thinking, and Essay Writing. Except the essay section, all other tests are designed on multiple choice format and you are provided with 50 minutes to complete each section. Calculator is acceptable in the examination hall.


In order to undergo an appropriate assessment through CAAP it is necessary to prepare for this test with sincerity. As CAAP result allows to analyze the success of educational programs rather than enabling students the eligibility to join new courses, there are occasions when several students may take it casually.

CAAP preparation must include:

  • Thorough understanding of the structure of CAAP
  • Practicing the content by the types of questions asked in CAAP
  • Practicing sample questions
  • Appearing for full length practice tests
  • Assembling, practicing and following CAAP test taking strategies

There are several types of sources that can be availed for CAAP preparation:

  • CAAP guide books and software
  • CAAP preparation institutes or coaching classes
  • Online CAAP courses offering special classes
  • You can also fuse two or more sources for better preparation.

In addition to the preparation for CAAP, it is also recommended that the students should follow certain on the spot tips, which are as follows.

  • Carry a watch to track your speed during the test. Divide equal time to all questions to complete the test well in time.
  • Skip the tough questions and come back to them after finishing the test.
  • Answer all questions. There is no negative marking for wrong answers and hence you could even guess the answers if you do not know the right answers.
  • Ensure to answer by filling in the right circles. Do not make any unnecessary marks on the answer sheet.
  • Ensure that you understand the directions to be followed in the test prior to beginning the test.


The scores of CAAP can be considered to derive helpful conclusions about the students along with the educational programs of the colleges. The goal of conducting the CAAP is met by scoring the CAAP modules. Hence, understanding the scoring system enables you to understand the test in a better light.

The multiple choice part are scored on a scale spanning from 40 to 80, where 40 is the minimum passing score and 80 is the maximum passing score that can be attained in the test. A score of 60 is taken as the average score.

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