C1 Visa


Every travel from one country to another requires the person to be given permission to do so by destination country as per protocol. Hence when travelling to any country a person must have visa that permit the persons entry into other country. United States is a country that is rather flexible with a large number of visas that is offered to different categories of people. In spite of the large number of visas offered by the United States, the country is very strict and stringent in whom it allows into its country to avoid any further complication arising out of the person visit. Therefore, these visas are just a matter of maintaining safety and security in the country. Visas are usually granted after ratification of all documents and applicant is found eligible to enter the country. Among the many categories of visas is the C1 Visa.

The C1 Visa is one that is given to a non-immigrant who wants to enter the United States. The visa allows people who are national of foreign countries to travel via the USA, and when transiting through the country. Sometimes due to various reasons, the person travelling from one country to another might have to halt in US for a change of flight, for a day’s event or for many other reasons. It is known as a general transit visa and is granted to people whose final destination is not United States nor is the person starting point of the journey. However, a person travelling from a Visa Waiver Country does not need to obtain USA C-1 Visa for transiting through United States, but must show proof of belonging to that specific list of countries.


The USA C 1 Visa is granted to people travelling from one country to another and needs to transit via USA. Therefore, the eligibility requirements include:

1. The destination of the travel is not USA

2. The person can stay for 29 days at the most in United States as part of the transit visa

3. The person should show proof of travel before entering into USA on transit

4. This proof of travel should be an evidence for the proposed travel to another country of destination

5. The person must have proof of permission to enter the country of destination

6. Must possess a visa for the destination country before applying for the USA C 1 Visa.

7. The Persons need to move immediately via U.S.

8. Adequate funds must be proven for the period of transition in the United States.

Eligibility Criteria

1. All foreign nations who are travelling from one country to another but need to break their journey in United States for a short period of time need to obtain a C1 Visa.

2. If family members are travelling along with you even they are eligible to apply for a C 1 Visa.

3. You are eligible for a C 1 Visa if you can prove that you propose to leave the country within a period of 29 days.

4. You are eligible to tour the country, shop, and visit people or place and apart from these activities no other activity is allowed during the period of your transit visa.

5. Applicants must be above 14 years of age and below 80 years of age.

Application Process

The process of the application for USA C 1 Visa is as follows:

1. Complete the Non-immigrant Visa Form C 1 DS-160.

2. Once filled you will get a confirmation page

3. Print the confirmation page and carry it along when attending interview.

4. Each person applying for the visa must have a separate form, so apart from the main applicant the family members must also have different visa application forms.

5. Once the application fee is paid and the receipt is obtained, schedule an interview with the consulate for a C1 Visa.

6. Processing the application usually takes 5-6 working days.

Supporting Documents required

1. Along with the application form, you need to submit your valid passport that allows you to travel to the USA.

2. The passport should have validity for a period of minimum 6 months after the period of stay that is intended by the person requesting the visa.

3. All old copies of passports too must be carried along for the interview.

4. Carry your original visa appointment letter.

5. Every member of the family travelling with the principal applicant requiring a C-1 Visa need to carry their latest valid passports and their old passports.

6. Each applicant must submit two photographs each of 37 x 37 mm size.

7. Documented proof of the reason given for the transit journey through the USA.

8. Ticket of a common carrier as proof of proposed travel evidence to a destination country within the period of the transit visa. The proof of travel is also required for accompanying family members.

9. Documented evidence of permission allowing the transit visa applicant to enter another country. The proof normally is considered valid if it is a visa to enter the destination country or a proof that a visa is not required.

10. Proof of receipt of application fee for visa paid by principal applicant as well as the accompanying family members if any.

11. Proof of age being between 14 -79 years.


The USA C 1 Visa fee is $ 160. It must be paid before scheduling the interview for the visa application. The payments can be made online or over the counter in banks designated for the same. The fee paid has validity for a year and scheduling of the interview must be done before it ends.

Application Form: The application form is Form DS- 160.

Rejection Reasons

There are many reasons for the rejection of the C - 1 Visa and they include:

1. Failure to prove the proposed onward journey to the destination country.

2. Does not have proof of permission to enter the proposed destination country.

3. Insufficient funds in hand for the stay in USA during the transit period

4. Not within the specified age limit.

How Long Can Stay or Extension with this Visa

The USA C 1 visa holders can stay in the country up to a maximum period of 29 days, within time they would have to leave the country. The travelling before entering the country must have proven their travel plans in the form of the booked tickets for a day within the 29th day of landing in the country. Travellers from countries with a passport from a Visa Waiver Country do not need to obtain a transit visa. They can request for an extension by applying for a B 1 visa which is a Business Visa or a B2 Visa which is a tourist visa.

This visa Holder Whether Qualified to Apply for Other Visas & Citizenship

No, C 1 Visa holder may not apply for Citizenship or any other visas. However the person can apply for B-1 Business Visa and B 1 Tourist visa. A person does not need a C-1 Visa if they already have a valid B1/B2 Visa or any other non-immigrant visa.

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