How Long Can Stay With C1 transit Visa

The C1 Transit Visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows foreign residents to enter into the United States of America while transiting to another foreign nation. Individuals need C1 Transit Visa to travel in and out of the United States when their final destination is another nation. The travelers with a valid ;B1 Business ;or ;B2 Tourist Visa ;do not require a C1 Transit Visa. Any other valid non-immigrant visa cannot be used to transit through the United States of America. The travelers from ;Visa Waiver ;countries do not require a C1 Transit Visa.

How long can stay with ;C1 Transit Visa?

;A transit visa is necessary if individuals need to change the airport in the United States. Even if they don't need to change the airport, they will need it if there is a long delay before they can board their flight to the final destination. Individuals can get out and tour nearby places, visit friends, family member or can go out for shopping, instead of waiting in the airport. An immigration officer at the entrance of the airport can allow a C1 transit visa holder for the duration determined by them but for the duration of maximum 29 days. The C1 Transit Visa holders must leave the United States on departure of their ship or flight as intimated by the immigration officer on proposed time or within 29 days, whichever is earlier. They can pass in immediately or continuously transit through the United States. However, if individuals are planning to stay in the United States even for a day, they should apply for B1 Business or B2 tourist visa. Individuals from countries with a passport from a Visa Waiver Country do not require obtaining a C1 transit visa.

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