Buy Nothing Day 2016

When was the last time that you thought of buying nothing? That’s a tough question to ask, considering that our thoughts tend to be revolving around buying something or the other all the time; seldom do we think of buying nothing. Buy Nothing Day is a symbolic resistance against the capitalist economy that has been spreading its broad wings and long tentacles across the globe. Buy Nothing Day is the celebration of the right to be without buying, the right to live without yielding to the pressing demands of commerce.


As you would expect of a day that is organised and commemorated world-wide, there are a host of activities that mark the Buy Nothing Day – they are all held on the Friday that follows the American Thanksgiving day in the last Saturday of November every year, all around the world. They invariably involve:

  • Posters and demonstrations that draw the attention of consumers towards the cause
  • Street parties that are free and those that do not involve sponsorships
  • Wide calls for strikes where consumers are urged not to buy or consume for a day, keep their purse strings tied, their cars parked, and their lights and phones switched off
  • Calls to return to nature and stay away from the so-called advances of the civilised world

How effective is This Day?

Old habits die hard. Would the consumer realise the cause that drives Buy Nothing Day? Would the word of commerce wear the cloak of social responsibility on account of a day’s demonstration? Would symbolism represent change?  Now, that’s a point of debate and only time will tell.

Buy Nothing Day 2016