Bubble Bath Day 2017

We have heard of many important days, but very few of us would have heard about the “Bubble Bath Day”. Yes, there a day known as the “Bubble Bath Day”. This day is celebrated on January 8th every year. Bubble bath is a great way of relaxing, especially after a long tiring day. It would be great if we could celebrate Bubble Bath Day every day.

The bubble bath is not restricted to just kids; even adults can completely indulge in it. It’s like a fun time for kids and relaxing time for adults. When it comes to kids, it is a simply having lots of fun in the tub with bubbles, but for adults it is a time to relax.

Ways to enjoy a Bubble Bath Day

To have a great time, all that kids need to do is fill the tub with bubbles and their favorite toys. Then just get inside it and have lots of fun. Men and women have a different way of celebrating the Bubble Bath Day. A tub can be filled with warm water and bubbles, light scented candles around the tub. Then dip yourself in it and just relax. One can also play some soft music while relaxing in the tub. All this feels great and after a bubble bath the body feels rejuvenated.

A lot more things can be added to your bubble bath. Along with bubbles, one can also add body salts as these relax the body and relieve from any type of body aches and pains. Dip yourself for just fifteen to twenty minutes and you’ll feel great.

Many people also add essential oils like lavender and olive oil as they help the body to be moist and soft throughout the day. There is nothing more relaxing than indulging in 15-20 minutes of bubble bath.

A few things to remember when taking a Bubble Bath

  • When you are ready to take a bubble bath, remember to keep your phone on silent as this would avoid disturbance.
  • Add your favorite bubble bath flavor and enjoy in it.
  • Do light a few scented candles as the aroma would relax you.
  • Remember to keep the lights dim when the candles are lit. This is the best way to indulge in a bubble bath.
  • When it come to kids taking a bubble bath, do keep their favorite toys in it as it is more fun for them.
  • The water in the tub should not be very hot or normal temperature; it should be luke warm so that your skin feels great.
  • Remember bubble bath is the best way to pamper yourself, so leave all your tensions and just relax in the tub.
  • One of the best combinations for a bubble bath is adding 5-6 drops of lavender oil, herbs and salt to relax your body.

Always remember a Bubble Bath Day is for everyone to pamper oneself and relax. It is a day to feel good and have lots of fun with bubbles.

Bubble Bath Day 2017