British Yorkshire Pudding Day 2016

Enjoy delicious recipes on British Yorkshire pudding day

Yorkshire pudding also called as batter pudding, is the most popular traditional British dish that often appears at a big Sunday dinners. To emphasize the significance of traditional dishes, every year on the first Sunday of February month, people of British origin celebrate British Yorkshire pudding day in a very enthusiastic manner. Even in the modern times, this sumptuous mouth-watering pudding is often served with roasted meat like beef, chicken, turkey or pork or with any gravy meal item.

History of Yorkshire recipe:

Even though there is no actual evidence to prove its origins, Yorkshire pudding began to come to use first in North-east England i.e in Yorkshire and later gained its popularity across the whole of the United Kingdom. In fact, culinary experts refer it as the National dish of England because people have tasted this recipe for centuries, which is almost from 1700s. This English savory dish got its national recognition and popularity when Florence Sandeman of Recipes4us launched British Yorkshire pudding day in the year 2008.

How to celebrate this day:

You do not have to be an ideal cooking expert to prepare Yorkshire puddings. If you have the perfect combination of all the required ingredients, you can simply make this recipe at home. So try to spend British Yorkshire pudding day making a delicious homemade batch of Yorkshires and share it with all your family and friends. You can also add some extra flavor by preparing all other dishes that taste great with this pudding such as mashed potato, onion gravy, beef roast etc.

British Yorkshire Pudding Day 2016

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