British Citizenship Test Rules

As with every test, even British citizenship test has some ground rules. Everyone taking the test has to abide by them, else they will be disqualified from the test. Here are the British Citizenship Test rules:

  • Every candidate appearing for the test is required to present his original ID card for scrutiny. Failure to bring it along and not producing it when asked will result in disqualification from the test. Such candidates will also not be eligible for a refund of the test fees.
  • Cheating in the test in any form is viewed as an offence and will affect the status of your application form for citizenship.
  • Cheating Could be:
    • In the form of appearing for another person
    • Using copy materials to clear the test
    • Copying the test paper to take back home
    • Misbehaving with supervisors or offering them bribes to alter your test results
    • Speaking during the test duration
    • Peering into others’ screens
    • Possessing an electronic communication device while giving the test
  • The test results will be announced to you personally soon after the test as passed or failed. If you clear the test, you are required to sign a notification letter before leaving the venue.