British Citizenship Online Test

The Best way of preparing for the British Citizenship test is to take the online test. Many independent websites have made the test pattern available online that resembles the actual test. Thus you have an opportunity to be well prepared for the test. Many of the previous test takers have helped in making the database of the sample questions for future test takers. However, the real test is the British citizenship test.

Mock Tests

To be able to take the real test confidently it may be wise to practice the free sample questions on various free sites. It may be a good idea to take on these few samples first before subscribing for the paid ones. However, the only approved material available is - The Life in the UK Handbook. All the online test samples use this handbook to device the mock tests. So make sufficient enquiries about the authenticity of such websites by reading the handbook first.

The Actual Test

The British citizenship online test is a 45 minute test within which the applicant is required to answer 24 questions. In the online test the computer chooses questions from a database randomly. To clear the test, the applicant must attempt at least 18 questions. This means 75% of the questions asked. The questions are based on life in the UK and are general knowledge based. Anyone who has lived in the UK for that long will definitely be able to clear the British citizenship test. If you clear at least 18 questions correctly then you are in. The person is granted permanent British Citizenship.