Boy Scout Day 2017

Boy Scout Day 2016 Date - 8th February

What is a Boy Scout Day?

Boy Scout Day is celebrated in accordance to the commencing of Scouting in America. Scouting was first brought into existence on February 8, 1910 when a Chicago publisher named William Dickson Boyce filed the incorporation papers in the District of Columbia to create the Boy Scouts of America.

The Boy Scouts of America is one of the largest youth related organizations in the whole of America. It has a youth membership of over 4.5 million in its age related category. Ever since it was founded in 1910, more than 110 million Americans have been the member of the Boy Scout Club. The main aim of the BSA (Boy Scout of America) is to train up the youth in self-reliance and to help them build their character to the best way possible. They help the youth in participating in various outdoor activities, educational programs etc.

How is Boy Scout Day Celebrated?

This day is celebrated by scouting groups across the country. Most often, a cake will be served at the weekly gathering or rather on a camp-out done by the scouts. The Scout Sunday which is the Sunday close to the 8th of February, will often be commenced with a church service and then followed by a pancake breakfast.

The Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts offer a very valuable program related to life skills and moral values for millions of boys. The popularity of the boy scout club has been growing ever since Lord Baden-Powell founded the Boy Scouts in the early 1900s in Great Britain. The top most award is the “Eagle Scout”. It is an accomplishment that reaps recognition, rewards and benefits for a young man.

Hence the Boy Scout Program is such a huge deal in America that there is a holiday given in honor of such a great developed Scouting group. It is found that the results of the children attending the scouting groups tend to improve interms of character and sharpness and in terms of maturing as well.

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Boy Scout Day 2017