Boston Festival 2016

The Boston Harborfest or the Boston Festival as it is better known is usually celebrated for a week before the 4th of July each year. Boston being a major harbor in the US, the festival is well-attended by people from all over the country. It is a six-day celebration which begins on the 29th of June and ends on the 4th of July. The festival is divided into six distinct categories which are described below.

Boston Festival 2016 Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony takes place on the first day of the Boston Festival. It is marked with several marching bands and lots of music and fanfare. The Boston Harbor bears a festive look and the upcoming events of the next few days are announced during the opening ceremony. A kickoff party is usually held as part of the opening ceremony.

Boston Festival 2016 Party on the Plaza

Usually held on the first day at the town hall, this is a party which sets the event into motion. This party brings the city together in a general spirit of camaraderie

Boston Festival 2016 Children's Day

The children’s day celebration is usually free. It is held on the 30th of June and several fun-filled activities, games and competitions for children are organized. It usually takes place at the City Hall. Activities include clowns, jugglers and face painting with lots of music and dance for the children.

Boston Festival 2015 The Extreme Sailing Series

The main feature here is a boat race featuring multi-hull boats. A total of 11 international boats are selected to compete for the first position and the race can be seen from the Fan Pier in Boston.

Re-Enactment of the American Revolution

This event is also free. It consists of a re-enactment of the American Revolution where actors portray important historical figures of the American Revolution.

Boston Festival 2016 Chowderfest

This event is self explanatory. As a fishing port, Boston boasts of a wide variety of different types of sea-food chowders such as clam chowder, fish chowder and so on. The Chowderfest is a platform for all types of chowders imaginable. There are several vegetarian chowders also available.

Boston Festival 2016 Conclusion

Since the Boston Festival has so much to offer in the way of reinforcing the rich American Traditions, showcasing the American way of life, Americans would do well to travel down to Boston over the 4th of July holiday to celebrate American Independence Day in the true American style.

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