Boss Day Ideas

Entangled in the spider-web of deadlines and the rage of the boss, when what most people want of an office is only a holiday, celebrating a boss seems an unwanted idea whatsoever.

But bosses are not that bad at all. What they seem to be, is only a projection of their outer self. It might seem easy to be a boss, at least, most people think like that. But the ultimate truth is that, bosses too, don’t have it easy. Things are not as rosy at the other side as it is usually anticipated. They have even more deadlines than us. Burdened with extra pressure, they are more stressed out than we can even think of.

Now that you are really feeling pity for your boss, hopefully you’ll want to pamper them a bit and arrange for them some real appreciation on October 16th, which is celebrated as Boss’s Day, all over the world, mostly the West.

Having a good boss, if not great, has a lot of impact on one’s job satisfaction. But everyone is not blessed enough to have one. But even if you have one of the most horrible monsters as your boss, for that day, set aside all the issues, big and small, and greet your boss with a smile, and words, that speak sunshine.

Greet and gift him something. If you have no ideas of what to do and how to make the day special for him, here are a few of them:

  • A good card signed by all the employees who reports to the Boss
  • A lunch for the Boss
  • A subscription to a magazine or paper of his interest
  • Desktop puzzle cube
  • Desktop paperweight
  • Desk lamp or an array of plants or candles.
  • Pencil cup frame holder
  • An appreciation pen
  • Monogrammed travel wallet
  • Leather desktop catchall
  • Tickets to a cultural or sporting event
  • A desktop jar full of your boss’s favourite candy
  • Vouchers for a favorite lunch spot with delivery service
  • Have each employer write a humorous (yet good-natured) anecdote about the and share them with him/her.
  • Thank You Letter/Email that will give them that extra boost to carry on in life and career. ‘Thank You’s and complements are something bosses don’t get to hear too often.

The significance of the Boss’s Day doesn’t stop at the day only. It is a time of re-evaluating our own work structure that brings in the complains, and sometimes walk that extra mile in his honor, stay a little late in the office, show him that you care, about the significanceof the project and the stipulated deadlines. Motivation is not a one-way road. It doesn’t always need to come from the top only. Sometimes, even we can motivate our boss by taking care of a few things. Let this Boss’s day be a chance to revive these ideas within in us.

1. Take Initiatives. Show your boss how pro-active you are. Don’t always look upon him to give you work. If you see something interesting left undone which can be of a fair amount of importance to the Company, volunteer yourself to finish it up.
2. Come up with new ideas, not only in your areas of your work, but with other areas as well.
 3. If your boss needs to stay late at office for that Video Conference with the overseas partner, offer to stay back with him as well. Show him a bit of kindness. This may be as simple as bringing a cup of coffee. He is a human being at the end of the day after all.
4. Don’t always crib to him when you have problems. He will like to hear solutions more than problems.
5. If you think you are worth more responsibilities, walk up to your boss and tell him. It is better than uselessly complaining to your peers about some imagined partialities of your boss.
6. Show your commitment, not only in words, but also in action. Promote your company in every way you can, and letthe boss know about that.

In this Boss’s day, have a great time bonding with your boss. But most importantly, promise yourself that you should keep that positive spark within yourself alive, do a great job, no matter you have an angel for a boss or the worst monster!