Bon Om Tuk 2015

Event Name : Bon Om Tuk Festival
Start Date : 27th Nov 2015(unconfirmed)
Venue : Cambodia

2015 Bon Om Tuk

Bon Om Tuk is also known as the Cambodia Water Festival and is celebrated for three days in the month of November each year (and sometimes October). Although celebrated throughout the country, the most intensive celebrations are observed in the capital city, Phnom Penh.

The festival signifies the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the fishing season. It also marks a unique natural occurrence: the Tonie Sap River actually changes direction. The festival also falls on a full moon in the Buddhist calendar month of Kradeuk. This is supposed to be auspicious and signifies a good harvest.

Activities of Bon Om Tuk

  • This festival is also known as the Khmer Water Festival.
  • The Bon Om Tuk Festival is celebrated for 3 days and roughly 250,000 people join in the festivities.
  • The festival is marked with fireworks, music and dancing.
  • The people also celebrate this festival with copious eating and drinking and there is a lot of merry-making.
  • There are longboat races on the river during this time.
  • These boat races are held in Angkor and Phnom Penh.
  • Many of the ceremonial boats are rowed by monks from several temples situated all over the country.
  • The longboats have a capacity of up to 40 passengers.

The Tradition Behind the Boat Races

  • The story goes that in the year 1177, Angkor was infiltrated by a fleet of Cham warships.
  • They gained access through the Sap River.
  • The Chams were however defeated under the able leadership of the then famous monarch, Jayavarman VII. To this day, several bas-reliefs depict the story of this invasion.
  • There is often confusion between the Bon Om Tuk festival and the Cambodian New Year due to the fact that the Cambodians throw water to mark the onset of the New Year.

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