Black History Month Celebrations

Black history month is observed in the month of February each year so as to appreciate the achievements of the African Americans and to make the people aware about the black history. The observation of the black history month started back in 1926 as Negro History Week which was introduced by carter G Woodson and in1979 the celebration was decided to be extended to a whole month of February.


The black history month can be celebrated by anyone, black or white who do really respect all the people and culture irrespective of the race. The celebration of the black history month has been changed to a full month one so as the correct essence of the celebration could be tasted and the real aim of bringing about equality and recognition of the achievements could be reached. The celebration includes religious ceremonies and special church services and is a community wide celebration.

Celebrating the Black History Month at School

The schools and educational institutions are the best place to observe the celebration of black history month. The children can be made aware of the real cause behind such a month long observation. Lesson plans should be included in the month which educates the children about the racism, slavery and the fight against these practices. Crafts, coloring and pencil sketching based on the different themes related to black history can help to make the children aware of the black history. Classes, seminars and photo displays are conducted during the month to give a better picture of the sufferings and humiliation faced by the people in the last century just because they had a darker skin, and it also highlights the practice of racist inequality practiced then and even today to a little extend. Educating the future generation about the wrong doings in the last century and creating a feeling of compassion, love and respect towards every person can see to it that the history will never be repeated again. Talking to the children about the important black people who have touched the lives of mankind and the achievements can help to shoo off the inferiority complex most of the African American children faces and create a positive attitude and confidence in these little hearts.

Celebrating the Black History Month at Home

You can pick up any good book about racism or African life or any book written by black writers and enjoy reading it and thinking about the life in it. Or else you can watch a movie starring any black actors and you will know how talented they are and will automatically feel proud to be one of them. You can invite your white friends up for dinner and serve them real traditional food and talk to them about your life and ways. If you want to celebrate alone, try tracing up your ancestor and find someone back in Africa to whom you can talk for a few minutes on phone and try giving a token of love gift to them far back at your hometown.


Parties are the best way to celebrate any events. The black history party are held anywhere during the month of February and is a day for tasty traditional meal and music. The food served is tasty African cuisine or African American meal including cassava, rice, red bean and fried chicken. Enjoy the real person you are by enjoying the traditional food and drinks. The music forms from Africa and those developed by great black musicians are a real attraction to these parties. Parties are either organized at home, party halls or office and these give an opportunity for the African Americans to expose the real culture and food to other guests. Such parties are also organized by other people to show their respect to the celebration and African culture and this is also an opportunity to acknowledge them on who they are.

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