Black History Month Activities

The black history month was established to honor all the African American personalities who made a contribution to mankind and to remember the history of the lives of black Americans. This observation started as the "negro History week"  by Carter G Woodson in the year 1926 and was later changed to a month long celebration in the year 1976 and the month of February was chosen to observe the celebration.

Celebrating the Black History Month

The black history month is celebrated around the month so as to pass on the real meaning of equality irrespective of race. And to honor their contributions and to know and understand the suffering and humiliation they underwent in the last century. This month is also a time to take a pledge that the same treatment and the practice of racism would never again be repeated. The celebration also gives a feeling of pride and confidence in their heart.

This American holiday is celebrated with a lot of partying, traditional African American cuisine and music. The music forms played at the celebration are usually those introduced by the African singers and musicians. A number of activities can be arranged during the month so as to know more and to educate others of the contribution of the African Americans and the history including the slave trade, slave rebellion and the fight for civil rights.


Many activities can be planned during the month of February to know more about the Black History in a fun way. Some activities can be enjoyed both by children and grown up and the real excitement of the activities come when it is done as a group. Special activities for preschoolers and small children are also there but the parents can lend their hand and enjoy the fun.

Some activities for kids are preparing craft works like paper model of American angel, paper dove or can try tracing out the family tree. Let the students make a hand hold wreath with hands cut out of different colours of paper, white, brown and black. They can colour the pictures of African flag, Martin Luther king or other important African American and name the person. Children can hold hand on hand and form a Unity circle and pledge to see every fellow human as equals and to respect the culture and customs of every other people. They can try to say the speech of Martin Luther King starting ' I have a dream...". `Small quiz programs about the food, animals, native Caribbean plants and various villages in Africa can be included in the Black History month celebration. The children can be made to learn and pronounce a few Swahili words.

Grownups can also try to imbibe some of the history of the African Americans and enjoy many activities with the children and can also help to organize the activities. You can arrange a play to reenact the events of slavery and practice of apartheid and the events leading to the abolition of slave trade. You can read about the events in the life of African American and also try out their autobiography or biographies. Try conducting a quiz about black inventors and their inventions, famous black personalities in the media or black authors.. You can even prepare a timeline of the history of the African country. You can also try out a new African American recipe and serve it at dinner.

Plan the activities so that you can get a clear picture of what these people really are at heart and to treat them with compassion, love and equality. These activities highlighting the importance of the black people and their work in different phases of the human life is also a way to incorporate confidence and self respect in the black. Be you black or white; always remember the difference is only in the amount of Melanin, a color producing pigment in the skin, never let this difference rule the way the black skinned and white skinned people are treated.

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