"A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip” quotes eminent writer, Abby Crawford. Think of birthdays this way: “you're not getting older, you're getting wiser." A birthday is an annual ritual where a person celebrates her or his date of birth. Birthdays are celebrated in various cultures, usually with a party accompanied with a gift.

With the advancements in technology, websites have come up with the idea of sending online gifts and cakes. Also, cakes and cards can be booked online which will be sent to the desired address on filling the required details.

In almost every legal system, one officially becomes an adult on a particular birthday (often the 14th through 21st), which honors particular rights and responsibilities like military conscription, to marry without parental consent , to vote or run for the elected office, legally purchase or consume alcohol and tobacco products, to buy a lottery ticket or obtain a driver’s license.

The birthdays of historically momentous and influential people, like the national heroes or founders, are often commemorated by a legal day off. In India, Hindu Brahmin boys have the 12th or 13th birthday supplant with a pompous “thread ceremony” where the child takes a beatified thread and wears it, representing his coming of age. This is called Upanayana.

A person’s birthday which is usually recorded according to the time zone varies with the place of birth. It is often believed that a person’s birth month reveals his nature.