Bike To Work Day 2017

Bike to Work Day is an annual celebration across the globe in the month of May every year. Though the dates vary and depend on the city and provinces. At some places it is celebrated over a week time and some specific dates are also defined every year. By celebrating this they try to promote bicycle as the option for commutation for office and personal works. It helps in saving the energy and minimizing various types of environmental pollutions and inculcates a good and healthy habit also.

Origin of the Day

Bike to Work Day was coined and started by the League of American Bicyclists in 1956 to promote pollution free transportation for all the works. It was actually a part of the Bike-to-Work week which was being celebrated in that year as a part of National Bike Month. The league tried to spread awareness among people about the benefits of bicycling and give a try to cycle riding. It got so much popularity in the subsequent years and many participants started joining the celebrations. Later on it got circulated across the globe and now it is an integral part of sports list of several countries.

How to Celebrate the Bike to Work Day

On the special day of Bike To Work Day people gather to pre defined places and take the enjoyment of cycle riding. Many companies and agencies show case their eco friendly cycles and demonstrate their features and benefits to the participants. Many consultants visits and tell the benefits of cycling. Volunteers give their name for the cycle race and they also try to extend awareness among people from other parts of the society.


There are numerous activities organized on the Bike To Work Day like:

  • Motivating and encouraging participants to try bicycle driving for their commutation purposes and telling them that it is an alternative that is safe and healthy. They also give driving guidelines and tips in a structured form.
  • Putting and showcasing this special day at international, national, regional and local level so that everybody can become part of it.
  • On the Bike to Work day variety of events and activities are organized where bicycles are center of the attraction. For this many sponsors and exhibitor are searched to make the event grand and successful.
  • Thousands of residents take out time from their busy schedule and participate in the annual event. They are given various designations like Commuter Convoy, Energizers on various locations and vicinity. It creates a belief in the community.
  • These events are also supported by local cycle shops, manufacturing companies, hotels and restaurants, municipal corporations and others.

Importance of the Day

Bike To Work Day has an important role in bringing the people together to promote a safe and healthy way of commuting. Many medical associations have also become a part to endorse the special day and showing their active participation in all the events and activities organized. This way it is getting so much popularity across the world.

Bike To Work Day 2017