Big Wind Day 2017

Significance of Big Wind Day

12th April each year is observed as Big Wind Day- the day when the highest wind speed ever was recorded at 231 miles per hour by the staff of Mount Washington Observatory. Americans declared it as a National Holiday since then.

How to celebrate Big Wind Day

We can celebrate this day by planning a holiday with family and friends, go for a picnic along the beachside or a park to enjoy the wind.

Facts about Big Wind Day

April 12, 1934 was a historical day for New Hampshire because this was the day when three weather surveyors of Mount Washington Observatory recorded the natural wind velocity of 231 miles per hour.

Sources say that in 1996, Australia recorded a non-tornadic wind of speed 408 km/h but perhaps we believe April 12 to be a historical day for all of us.  

Things to do on Big Wind Day

To celebrate this day, we can organize a small party including activities like story-telling to kids, asking kids to make a drawing or a documentary of the Big Wind Day, play games or plan a act on this historical incident.

Big Wind Day 2017