Big Chill Festival 2016

There are several festivals and annual events which are part of the regular UK calendar. One of the most prominent festivals is the Big Chill Festival which is usually held in August each year. It is a festival of music, comedy and dance where the music is called “chill-out” music, hence the term “Big Chill”.


  • This festival was started by Pete Lawrence in the year 1994. The festival began initially as a series of parties in Islington.
  • In 1995, The Big Chill Festival emerged as an outdoor festival, although at that stage, it was unlicensed.
  • The Festival was held at Wales initially and then moved to Norfolk and later to Wiltshire where it was held until 2002.
  • Since 2002 the Festival was held at the grounds of the Eastnor Castle. However, this year 2012, the festival has been cancelled.

Facts about the Big Chill Festival

  • The festival went bankrupt in 2006 resulting in the formation of another company called PK Events Limited owned by Pete Lawrence and Katrina Larkin.
  • Big names such as Spencer Tunick, Bob & Roberta Smith, The Roundhouse and Penguin Books have been associated with the Big Chill Festival.
  • In the year 2000, with PK Events going into liquidation, it was taken over 50% by the Cantaloupe Group, which basically a bar chain. This resulted in the formation of a new company called Chillfest Limited.
  • Today the Big Chill Festival takes place at the grounds of the Eastnor Castle, Hertfordshire, which is actually a deer reserve.
  • There is much emphasis on cleanliness during the festival and there are several color-coded areas for depositing different categories of garbage and waste matter.
  • Camping is a major activity during this festival. There are several camping-related activities available to the visitors for lots of fun-filled family camping.
  • By and large the Big Chill Festival is one which is looked forward to by people all over the UK each year.

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