Beer Festivals

World’s most widely consumed, and perhaps the senior of all alcoholic beverages, beer, is the third most famous drink all over the world, after water and tea. Produced by brewing and fermentation of starches, beer is derived from cereal grains.

Beer, a part of shared beliefs and values of beer-drinking nations, is associated with social traditions like beer festivals, as well as a rich pub culture containing activities like pub crawling and pub games such as bar billiards.

Few of Beer Festivals are:

  1. Belgian Independence Day Celebration: July 21st is the Belgian Independence Day Celebration with a bunch of amazing Belgian and Belgian style beers like Rodenbach, Ommegang, and Gulpener Brouwerij Mestreech’s Aajt.
  2. 14th Annual Michigan Summer Beer Festival: Held on 22nd July, the Summer Festival is the Michigan Brewers Guild’s oldest and largest of four annual festivals. The festival takes place outside in a beautiful and pleasing riverside setting featuring more than 300 different beers from more than 50 various Michigan breweries.
  3. America’s Finest Beer Festival: America’s Finest Beer Festival is held on 22nd of July calls over 100 Californian Craft Breweries for a three day beer tasting event with live music, great food, and beer.
  4. 3rd Annual Scene Magazine Alefestival: This festival is held on 23rd July from 12 to 5pm with over 100 selections of beer to sample, live music and outdoor games, and food vendors is a worth attending affair.
  5. Annafest Forchheim:  Anna Forchheim Festival is held annually in the last week of July on the Forchheim Kellerwald.

The upcoming Beer Festivals in the month of August are, Rogue Brewery Night, Samuel Adams Summer Beer Dinner, Stone Brewery & Artisanal Cheese, Brooklyn Brewery Beer Pairing Dinner, Rated “A” Beer Weekend to name a few.

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