Bean Day 2017

Origin of Bean Day

In many places Bean Day is celebrated on January 6th. Though the origin is unknown but people believe that communities of farmers celebrate the harvest of the bean crop.

Bean Day Celebration

There are days that are named or celebrated after a cause but Bean Day does not have an origin or a cause. Though this day is celebrated on January 5th, there is still no day fixed to celebrate it. In the year 2003, John Hoeven, the Governor of North Dakota announced November 3rd as Bean Day.

North Dakota is known to have a huge production of dry beans. However, Garrison, North Dakota celebrates its Bean Day on April 15th. This day has been chosen because it is believed that after people pay their taxes they have to eat beans for some time.

Every year, in the beginning of October in Alabama and Athens, a Bean Day dinner is held by the Fire Department so that the money collected goes towards charity. About 3,000 people are fed on this day.
Many people still do not agree with the date of the Bean Day celebration. There is a disagreement between the 5th and 6th of January. For both these days which are celebrated as Bean Day, there are two separate organizational precedents. In Minnesota, the Northharvest Bean growers Association of Minnesota have been celebrating the Bean Day in the month of January since 1975. This day is celebrated in the third week of January. An annual meeting is held by the Nebraska Dry Bean Growers Association on the “Bean Day”.  

Different ways of celebrating Bean Day

There are many ways of celebrating Bean Day. Below are a few popular ways:

  • Most newlyweds add a few beans in the bean jar on this day.
  • Many gardeners can spend their time checking bean seeds to grow during spring.
  • Teachers can read the famous story to school kids, “Jack and the Beanstalk”.
  • Students can use beans as a live example for learning in their study materials.
  • Other people can go through the origin of beans, now this sounds great!

Other than celebrating the Bean Day in different ways people also come up with interesting bean recipes. This day is completely dedicated to celebrating beans. Some popular dishes are, corn and bean salad, black bean salsa, butterscotch beans, cheesy beans and nachos and French country beans. The list is endless.

People in North Dakota also hold road trip foodie. In this, beans are grown and dried. It then goes from Colorado and then on Friday evening the Wagon Mound Firehouse organizes a bean cleaning party. People remove the dirt and clean the beans after which a pit is dug and 800 pounds of meat is cooked in it. This pit is covered with charcoal and wood. In the evening once it is cooled, the meat and beans are served to everyone. It’s like a big feast in the village.

Bean Day 2017