Be an Angel Day 2017

Be an Angel Day Background

  • There are not many people who do not get satisfaction from doing a good deed for someone.
  • We hear stories every day about people to whom total strangers appear from nowhere and perform a good deed.
  • The person who does this good deed is automatically gets branded as an “angel”.
  • So, it is not surprising that there is a special day designated for doing good deeds for people. 22nd August each year is the day that is observed as Be an Angel Day.

Origin of Be an Angel Day

Be an Angel Day was founded by Jayne Howard Feldman in the year 1993. The purpose of this day was basically to establish a link between God, angels and the mortal world. By performing good deeds for various people, a person is believed to strengthen this relationship.

The day ‘22’ was and the month ‘8’ was chosen as these numbers are supposed to be sacred numbers. Further, the number ‘8’ is supposed to signify fulfillment, accomplishment and achievement.

Activities on Be an Angel Day

There is no dearth of good deeds that a person can do if one is so inclined. The list is never-ending. However, a few of the most obvious good deeds a person can do on this day are given below:

  • Spread the message: You can make people aware of the significance of doing a good deed to someone. The lesson that you can teach a person is that even a single good deed to a person makes some difference. Every little stroke of the paintbrush contributes to creating a big picture.
  • Do good: Donate: Household articles to orphanages and charitable institutions. It would be a good gesture to personally go there and distribute the stuff yourself.
  • Visit your Neighbor: It may be that you do not know much about your neighbor or have not visited for some time. Take time off to go next door and do something nice.
  • Spend Some Time with the Sick and Elderly: Sick and elderly people are often lonely people. By just spending an hour or so with such people, you can make a big difference to their lives.
  • Angel Day Cards and Messages: On Be an Angel Day, it’s a great activity to just make Angel Day cards and distribute them to everyone. Another variation is making e-cards and posting messages to people on the internet to spread the good word.


The main purpose of this day is to make one realize that anyone can be an angel. If you have enough good intentions and want to spread love, peace and harmony all around, you too can be an angel. So this year on the 22nd of August, get set to do your bit to make Be an Angel Day a day to remember for you and all the people whose hearts you touch with your good deeds.

Be an Angel Day 2017