Be a Millionaire Day 2017

This Day is celebrated by having a big dream to become a millionaire. May 20 has been chosen as the date on which this special day will be celebrated across the globe. On this day people decide about the various ways through which they can become very rich and will be in the list of millionaires. Everybody has a chance to have a dream, to live a respected and happy life. We all deserve to have money to live a luxurious life and if one dreams about it he or she can achieve also.


Though it is not yet decided as when ‘Be Millionaire Day’ started but the basic thing is that it started way back in seventeenth century. This was the time when there were very few millionaires. As the time passed and industrialization came, the people from many strata of the society started becoming rich by doing several trade, commerce and businesses. Gradually many people became millionaire. Later on the other people thought that they can also become rich and there earning will be in seven figure .To formulate this dream this day got propounded and now it is celebrated across the globe and it is considered to be official holiday also.


 Be a Millionaire Day is celebrated each year on May 20th. This is a day when the whole society enjoys and makes it a day for everyone to think and dream about what it would be like if they become a millionaire. Then they use those thoughts as inspiration and try their luck to achieve their goals by all means.


The next level of ‘Be a Millionaire Day’ is to start making strategies and real plans for a bright and successful future. Here are some activities that people do on this special day to make it real and encouraging

  • They open a Savings Account to start small saving to create a pool of fund for future.
  • If they already have a savings account, review it and see if they can increase the deposits by opening fresh fixed deposits and recurring deposits. This way the interest earned in the account will be maximum and it will help in becoming a millionaire.
  • Analyze the existing financial portfolio with experts, advisors and review the overall investments – finding new investment avenues to grow the fund.
  • Clear all the outstanding and bill like credit cards, home loans, auto loan, and education loans etc
  •  Watch their spending habits and see how they can save more.


This day has become a very important and special nowadays because everybody wants to become rich or millionaire and it gives them an opportunity to think on the ways to reach at their desired position. Many countries have started celebrating it at a very large scale to spread the awareness among the people about financial freedom and financial literacy. It also creates a healthy competition among people to make efforts to become successful in their life.

Millionaire Quotes

"No woman marries for money; they are all clever enough, before marrying a millionaire, to fall in love with him first."
- Cesare Pavese

"Everyone's a millionaire where promises are concerned."
- Ovid

"If it weren't for baseball, many kids wouldn't know what a millionaire looked like."
- Phyllis Diller

"I find it funny how people from Boston and New York hate each other because of pro teams. But, like, everyone on the Red Sox is a random millionaire athlete from somewhere else."
- Julian Casablancas

"Everything big-budget or stereotypical I was offered after 'Slumdog Millionaire' was a huge no-no."
- Freida Pinto

"When you're a kid, you want to be a millionaire."
- Rickey Henderson

"I borrowed 100 pounds and made the pact with God: Make me a millionaire - and you can have half of my money."
- Albert Gubay

"I was 12 years fittin' to be a billionaire; I was 15 years old as a millionaire. I've been rich since I was 14. My son has been a millionaire since he was 12, so that's just the life. We've been playing with money since young."
- Birdman

"I don't think I'm a millionaire, but I'm comfortable."
- Levon Helm

"It's upsetting to me that you have to be a millionaire to invest in your friend's start-up."
- Fred Wilson

"I have a cousin called Flirta D who was big in the grime world, which made me really cool at school. 'Flirta D's your cousin?' 'Yeah, buddy.' 'He must be a millionaire!'"
- Sampha

"You can't tell a millionaire's son from a billionaire's."
- Vance Packard

Be a Millionaire Day 2017