Bastille Day Celebrations

Bastille Day or La Fête Nationale is the national celebration of the France which commemorates the storming of the old prison, Bastille at Paris in the year 1769. Each year this day is celebrated on the 14th of July by the French with much enthusiasm and patriotism. The very first celebration of the storming, or the Bastille Day was held on 14th July 1780 by organizing a huge and extravagant feast called the Fête de la Fédération.

The Bastille Day is celebrated with reenactment of the storming, mesmerizing fireworks, large parades and grant feasts. Besides France, other countries like South Africa, United Kingdom, Hungary, and United States celebrate the day with equal enthusiasm and excitement. In some places the celebration may last for the whole of the week while in some it may last for a day or two. Anyways the celebrations are loud, colorful and fun everywhere.

Bastille Day Parade

The Bastille Day Parades are conducted every year on the 14h of July including many men of the military forces, School scouts etc. the Parade is conducted along the Avenue des Champs-Elysées featuring cadsts from Milityar schools, and aviators from Patrouille de France. The Bastille Day parade has a feel of patriotism and pride in it and this feel even catches up with each one of the people watching the parade. The tricolored national flag is displayed in every places and the whole country gives a feel of rejoicing and pride. It has also become customary to invite the allies of France are also invited to march alongside for this National parade held every year. If you are anywhere in the country on the 14th of July, try to catch up with the parade and enjoy the beauty and the feel of oneness during it. A reception is held at the ground of Elysée Palace at the end of the parade. All the young people of France and the members of the Armed Forces started to be invited to this reception after Jacques Chirac became elected as the President of France.

Bastille Day Fireworks

The Bastille Day fireworks are one of the most impressive ones around the world. The one hour pyrotechnic displays are held at the Eiffel tower on the day and this must see display is just like a once in a lifetime experience. These fireworks are usually accompanied with a lot of music, lights and fire displays. The firework display held on the fourteen of July celebration is one of the major tourist attractions at France during the month of July. The colorful;firework display can be watched from any good spot, or you can watch it from your balcony or any other place you can get the view of it. Or else, book a seat in a nearby restaurant and try enjoying the tasty French cuisine and the beautiful fireworks to call it a day. But if you would like to watch this firework held around 9 at night, you should be booking your place to view it before three in the afternoon as everyone is going to be out of the house, in the street near the Eiffel tower waiting eagerly for the Display and music to start.

The feast

The celebration of this national; holiday is never complete without the tasty French cuisine. The special meal prepared on the day includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and a pinch of spices and herbs. This lavish cuisine is generally enjoyed together with family and friends by organizing a Bastille Day picnic or party. The feast includes cold starters and tasty and healthy main dishes with lesser butter and more veggies. The Bastille Day dessert are also prepared with much love that you can never remember the last time you had given such a great treat to your taste buds.

Many restaurants also provide the special Bastille Day meal for you to enjoy so if you cannot prepare the tasty meal, try enjoying it at any good French restaurant. Order a real good and tasty French meal for you on the day and you can seek the help of the waiter to help you choose the special Frenchdishes from the menu. Enjoy the taste of France along with a sip of Champagne.

Reenactment of the storming

The Reenactment of the events at the French Revolution and the Storming of the Bastille are held at many places. The people dresses up as prisoners and revolutionaries and stage the reenactment. Some hold an open air reenactment or street plays while some hold the reenactment at theaters and collects a small price on the ticket. Sometimes the reenactment is followed by a tour through the city and its historical monuments.

Color of the day

The people of France enjoy the Day by dressing themselves up in the color of the French Flag. People dresses themselves up in these three colors or at least chooses one of this color for the day. They decorate their home with balloons and papers of these three colors. Even the whole of the street is decorated with the flag or with the colors of red, white and blue. The place everywhere around and the people of France look lively and bright in the colors red, blue and white.

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