Bagpipe Appreciation Day 2017

When: July 27th every year


The Bagpipe Appreciation Day celebrates this ancient musical, the Highlands Scottish Bagpipe. This instrument is a quintessential part of the Scottish tradition. The day celebrates the tunes of this traditional instrument that were used to herald battles, usher in auspicious events such as weddings and also to bid farewell at funerals.


The original bagpipes are said to have originated in the Middle East but became more popular in the Scottish Highlands and evolved there. This instrument is second only to percussion in the evolution of musical instruments. Today, the typical bagpipe consists of three pipes emerging from a sac-like bag. These bags are crafted from elk or sheep skin. These sacs fill with air that is released when the musician presses his arm to create the music. There is also a fourth pipe that holds nine holes to create changes in chord and pitch.

How to Celebrate

All the major cities in the west celebrate this day by holding at least one performance in their town square or town hall. It is worth taking some time off to attend these concerts in appreciation of this ancient musical device.

Bagpipe Appreciation Day 2017