Bad Poetry Day 2017

Background of Bad Poetry Day

  • In general, poetry is considered to be quite a serious thing. Poetry is a result of the outpouring of the soul, and sets a mood, whether it is happy, sad, humorous, angry or beautiful.
  • We all went to school and were forcibly subjected to an overdose of poetry some time or the other. We were compelled to learn good poetry by heart, and were even encouraged to write it, even though we may not have been very good at it.
  • Every act of oppression results in a rebellion some time or the other and with poetry, the revolt comes in the form of Bad Poetry day.
  • Bad Poetry Day is celebrated on the 18th of August each year. There are several reasons why this holiday came into existence. The main reason however that is it is a day when a person can fight back and throw bad poetry at the very people who forced them to write or listen to good poetry. Your old high school English teacher, for example.

How Bad Poetry Day Is Celebrated

As mentioned above, Bad Poetry Day is celebrated each year on the 18th of August. On this day, there are several activities which one can participate in. A few of them are given below:

  • Bad Poetry Symposiums: If you are as lucky as to have Bad Poetry Day celebrated in your city or town, then it is most likely that there will be some symposiums arranged where you can go and listen to poets spouting bad poetry. Do not be discouraged with the negative aspect of the name “bad” – it is often fun to hear bad poetry and in fact, some of it is actually amusing.
  • Bad Poetry Competitions: These are competitions where the person who is able to produce the worst poetry wins. It’s a kind of reverse competition and can be lots of fun.
  • Bad Poetry Parties: You may be lucky enough to be invited to a bad poetry party. If not, then why not be a bit enterprising and organize a bad poetry party of your own?
  • Online Bad Poetry Sites: Even if you are not able to participate in a real bad poetry event, you will be surprised to see the number of sites which invite people to post bad poetry on these sites on Bad Poetry Day. You will be surprised to find that the posts on these sites are not only great fun – in their attempt to be exceptionally bad, some of the poets actually turn out some pretty good stuff.


So, this August, why don’t you get into the Bad Poetry mode? Come up with some rhymes of your own or listen to the poetry of others. Who knows? You may end up having the time of your life.

Bad Poetry Day 2017