Baby Names and Meanings

Every parent wants their baby’s name to be unique, one of a kind, meaningful, and easy pronunciation. Names vary nationally, regionally and culturally. The thought process prior to finalizing a baby’s name although is time consuming, but interesting as well. As the saying goes, it is easier said than done. Naming a baby after a celebrity is the in-thing.

  Baby Names and Meanings Baby Names and Meanings  

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Baby Name Gender Origin Meaning
Aafreen Girl Indian encouragement
Baako Girl African first born
Cabe Boy
Daba Girl Hebrew kind words‚ bee swarm
Eady Girl English
Fabian Boy Latin bean
Gabai Boy Hebrew delight‚ adornment
Habib Boy Arabic beloved one
Iaap Boy Welsh God is gracious
Jabari Boy African brave‚ fearless
Kaa Boy Arabic reciter (of the Koran)
Laabha Girl Indian profit
Maanika Girl Indian ruby
Naaz Girl Indian pride
Oakes Boy English from the oak-tree grove
Pacha Girl
Qabil Boy Arabic able
R&eacent;va Girl
Saba Girl Greek woman of Sheba
Taaj Boy
Uba Boy African wealthy
Vachel Boy French cow tender
Wade Boy English a ford
Xan Boy Galician
Yachne Girl Hebrew gracious
Zabia Unisex African unknown