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B2 Visa (Tourist Visa)

The visitor or tourist visa is a non-immigrant visa (B2 Visa) for anyone visiting US for tourism or medical purposes. Temporary workers, students, etc. cannot apply for this visa. They should apply via their proper visa category.

How to Apply B2 Visa (B2 Tourist Visa)

When you apply for a B2 Visa (B2 Tourist Visa), you should do the following:

  • Complete the application forms and put your signature on them
  • Display your travel plans and itinerary for the US trip.
  • Show sufficient evidence to prove that your visit is only temporary and that you intend to return back after your business-related work is done.
  • Comply with all the security clearance procedures that will be requested of you.

Eligibilitiy For B2 Visa (B2 Tourist Visa)

Anyone who applies for this B2 Visa should prove that they are eligible for the same under the Immigration and Nationality Act. This act is based on the presumption that anyone who enters America is an immigrant. Thus, it is your duty to prove the same otherwise. For this purpose, you should demonstrate that:

  • You are entering the US only for pleasure or medical purposes
  • You will stay here only for a specific limited period of time.
  • You have social ties and residence outside US that will ensure that you return back after the visit.

Length of Stay and Extension For B2 Visa (B2 Tourist Visa)

A person can stay only up to the date mentioned. They have to depart from America on or before this date or they will be out-of- status. If you want to extend your stay beyond the time specified in the Form I-94, you must apply in the Form I-539, Application to Extend Status with the USCIS and request them to extend your status. They have the sole freedom to decide whether to do so or not.

B2 Visa Holders Whether Qualified to Apply for other Visas & Citizenship:

A person who wants to enter the US for temporary Pleasure, Tourism, Medical Treatment - Visitor Visas (B2 visa) can apply for it alone or along with temporary non-immigrant business purposes (B1 visa). Any person who is travelling to America for any other purpose like students, journalists, etc. should apply for a visa in their particular category.

In which case your B2 Visa (B2 Tourist Visa) Application will be rejected

In the following situations, your B2 visa application will be rejected:

  • If you have wilfully misrepresented facts or committed fraud to obtain a visa.
  • If you belong to the class of persons mentioned in The Non-immigrant Visa Application, Form DS-156 as persons who are ineligible under U.S. law to receive visas.

Conclusion on B2 Visa (B2 Tourist Visa)

Even after you get this B2 visa, the immigration authorities might deny permission for you to enter the US or they have the right to decide the time period for which you can stay in US. Thus, a visa is no guarantee of gateway to US. Another important point to note is you are not eligible to accept employment during your stay in the US under this visa.

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