Auto Accident Laws

It is said that every 10 seconds a person in the U.S is involved in an automobile accident. 

When there is an automobile accident, the auto accidents law applies.  A person driving an automobile is expected to do so with reasonable care.  If he does not, and there is an accident as a result, he is considered to have been negligent.  The injured part i.e. the victim will file a complaint against the negligent party who has to defend himself when the plaintiff proves that the injury or damage to property was caused by the defendant’s negligence.  Once successfully proved, he will be liable to compensate the plaintiff for the injury caused or for the damage caused to property.

Factors which determine negligence according to the Auto Accidents Law

  • Automobile drivers

Automobile drivers who have caused an accident are considered to have been negligent in the following situations:

  • If they have driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • If they have exceeded the speed limit
  • If they have disobeyed traffic signals
  • If they have failed to give an appropriate signal, for example, when turning to the right or left

Under the auto accidents law, there are situations where people operating the automobiles are not the negligent party. 

  • Vehicle manufacturers

Under certain conditions, the manufacturers of the automobiles could also be the defendants. This happens when there is a defect in the vehicle which has caused the accident. The defect could be in the design, in the manufacturing or even the labeling.  Irrespective of the kind of effect, it is always the manufacturer who is liable to pay damages.

  • Government entities

Government entities could also be the defendants in an automobile accident case according to the auto accidents law.  This situation arises when the accident is caused because the road was uneven or a suitable board indicating danger or the need for a detour was not placed.

If you or your loved one were to meet with an automobile accident, it would be best to contact an attorney who is well versed with the auto accidents law.

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