Australia's Biggest Morning Tea 2017

What is Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is an event organized by the Cancer Council Australia to raise funds which has been considered as one of the largest and most grand events of its kind in Australia.

Raising almost $50 million dollars since 1994 is evident of the fact that when it comes to Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, every cup counts in the combat against cancer.


Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea organizes fundraising events, and plays a crucial role in raising money towards Cancer Council’s work in education, research, prevention measures and support.

The Cancer Council Australia works in the eight states and territory cancer organizations to:

  • undertake and fund cancer related research work
  • prohibit and control cancer
  • provide information and support to people suffering with cancer

As a national organization, it also advise governments and other bodies about proper practices and policies for the prevention, diagnosis, ascertaining and treatment of cancer and advocate for the rights of cancer patients for the best treatment and supportive care. This organization supports those diagnosed as well as the families of cancer sufferers.

What the Cancer Council Australia do

To realize its vision, Cancer Council Australia and its members conduct a broad range of activities.


Cancer Councils are the prominent independent fundraisers of cancer research in Australia, offering more than $47 million to cancer research, in the form of research scholarships and fellowships in 2009.


Cancer Council Australia provides proof-based, latest information and statistics about all aspects of cancer to

  • Doctors and other health care specialists to enable them improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
  • Cancer patients and the other social community - more than 150,000 Australians keep in touch with the Cancer Councils for information and advice every year, primarily through the Cancer Council Helpline.


Early detection and prevention programs targeted to help people abandon smoking, protect against the sun, eat fresh and nutritious foods and count on physical activity to cut down the risk of cancer are conducted.

Patient support

Cancer Councils manage a network of cancer support groups, services and plans to help enhance the quality of life of cancer patients, people suffering with cancer, their families and careers. It also supports and works closely with Cancer Voices Australia, the national consumer bodies representing Australians suffering with cancer.


It has Australia-wide network of healthcare professionals that develops guidelines to offer the best treatment and care for cancer patients. Cancer Council Australia also work closely with the clinical partner, the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia, to make sure recommendations on cancer care implementing the suggestion of experienced cancer professionals across the full spectrum of medical and scientific genres.


Cancer Council Australia also suggests government on the requirements of stakeholders and raise an independent voice for enhances cancer control policy depending on the evidence.

Cancer Council Australia also publishes the National Cancer Prevention Policy which promotes a concerted and extensive national concept to the prevention of cancer. The policy makes prominent recommendations for national action by governments and non-government bodies, encompassing programs and initial strategies to simmer down the incidence of cancer.


This organization also conducts events, accepts donations and bequests and work with the corporate partners to raise funds to help and support the ongoing cancer control activities.

Sun Protection Products

Cancer Council Australia also market and promote a wide range of high-quality, affordable sun protection products, i.e. sunscreen lotions, sunglasses, protective attires, beach shelters and cosmetics products with sun protection. Royalties sponsor the events and activities of the Cancer Councils.

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea 2017