Australian Temporary Work Permit

Australia has become the hub for most of the upcoming graduates and job seekers who are talented and capable of doing wonders. The biggest island has become one of the biggest platforms for these opportunity hunters which will end their hunt for the job. But to get to the country there are few legitimate processes which one has to go through. There are many ways one can enter into Australia. People who are seeking a job in this country should go for temporary work permit first and then apply for a permanent skilled visa.

The present migration programs which are offered by the government are very flexible and are reasonable too. The present program is offering a 4 year visa which will allow you to gain some substantial experience in Australia. The country has its own requirements and would definitely prioritize the issuing of the visa in terms of profession. The mining industry is having lot of demand and Australia would like to rope in as many mining engineers as possible.

Requirements for Eligibility of Work Permit in Australia

There are some parameters which one has to fulfill so that he is eligible for work permit in the country. The following points are the main aspects which prove your eligibility.

  • First and foremost is the age factor the person should be below 45 years old.
  • The candidate should be good in English and should have a very good grip on the language. This is very important because there should be no problem in communicating within the country.
  • There is a point-based test which will validate your skills. You should score 110 points in the DIMA test.
  • Your skills are recognized by the Australian Assessing Authority. This is another major parameter which one should qualify.
  • Some other parameters which are checked based on your occupation are –
  • The skills which you present should be in the field of your occupation. This will help the AAA to justify your profession.
  • The educational qualification should be from a well recognized institute. The qualification which you carry should be at least 3 years above your secondary schooling.

There are other types of visas which are issued. One of the most common types of visa is issued when there is a sponsorship which is given to you by your employer. The company which you work can also sponsor you to work in Australia.

Work Permit in Australia

The work permit in Australia is mostly based on your skill levels. The qualification or the work experience which you provide while attending the visa interview will help you in acquiring a work permit in Australia. The most important parameter which is checked before giving work permit is the points which are scored in a preliminary test. You should score 100 points to acquire visa and if you score 80 points then you will be in the reserve pool. There are two categories of visa which are issued- Offshore and Onshore. Offshore visas are issued for the people who are not in Australia.  People who are already in Australia they have to apply for visa in the Onshore category.