Australian Student Visa

These days many students are looking forward to studying abroad because of various reasons. Some popular countries that student opt for are New Zealand, UK, USA and Australia. One of the most visited places by students is Australia. Many students choose Australia because it suits their requirements in various ways. 

To get an Australian students visa, a student needs to know the following procedures and the requirements. A student should be aware of it to avoid any problems in the future.

Requirements for an Australian Student Visa

For a student to get a student visa, the student must satisfy the basic requirements and go by the visa conditions. This is required for an academic performance and attendance which is considered after the student is in Australia. 

Every student’s visa has a list of conditions that are specified for every individual. It thus becomes very important for every student to abide by the visa conditions so that the person can prevent any visa cancellation. Every student’s application is assessed on a few criteria’s:

Proof of Enrolment

The important thing for a student is that the enrolment should be accepted by the Government registered Australian education institution for the desired course. This is then further checked by the Australian institution. This is given to a student who later gets an enrolment for a full time course. No tuition fee should be paid before the students get the PVA.

Financial Status

The person who is sponsoring should give the proof of cash assets which should be at least 6 months before the visa application date. Any person can sponsor the student.

The person who is sponsoring should have a proof of A$12000 p.a worth of cash assets as well as additional funds so that he/she can pay for the rest of the expenses for the student.

Proficiency in English 

The IELTS will rate the student’s proficiency in English and the overall score should be 6.0 other than the students who are opting for a Diploma course which has an overall score of 5.5. TOEFL score is not taken into consideration.

Ability to Breach Visa Conditions

Every student’s current circumstances are assessed by a visa officer. These officers check the condition in the student’s home country. They check the student’s financial and personal commitments that may force a student to go back to his/her home country.

Important Matters 

  • How useful the course is for career development
  • Immigration links with Australia
  • Completion of undergraduate degree or equivalent
  • Relevant links between past academics and study goals
  • Arrangement for guardianship (if student is under 18 when applied for PVA application) 

Further Processing

If the student is adviced to meet the requirements of the PVA, then a further processing is required. The students have to go through a medical examination and pay the course tuition fee to the Australian educational institution. The dependent and student has to meet the requirements of the Australian Health before he/she gets the visa. Every individual has to go through an x-ray and a medical checkup. These results may be forwarded to Australia which would take about 3-4 weeks.

Overall Processing Time  

An Australian student visa application generally takes about 4-6 weeks. It may also get delayed because of verification of documents, medical tests or an incomplete document that requires the help of a visa officer.

Health Insurance Cover

It is a mandatory thing for all international student’s to have an Overseas Student Health Cover while the visa is still valid. Once the PVA requirements are fulfilled, that when the premium for OSHC should be paid.