Australian Skilled Visa

 Australia is a developing country which has many opportunities for new comers. The companies in Australia and the stock market have been on the rise for quite some time now. For people who are skilled and are wishing to have a booming career in Australia, here is a chance for you to work in this beautiful island. Skilled migration is a legitimate process which will issue visas based on your skill levels in a particular field. This particular format will give deserving candidates a chance to stay in Australia and work there. This is under the Australian General Skilled Migration program wherein skilled workers can use their qualifications to get a visa to work in Australia. 

The General Skilled Migration (GSM) program is for those who are not sponsored a visa by the employer. There are certain parameters which a person should fulfill to apply for the visa. Some of the criteria which one has to fulfill are –

  • The person should be above 18 years and below 45 years to be eligible for the visa application.
  • The candidate should be fluent in English and have a good grip on the language.
  • The candidate should be experienced. There should be substantial work experience by which his skill levels can be judged.
  • The candidate should have recently completed any qualification in the list of Australian Skilled Occupations. This rule is valid if the candidate is not carrying any work experience on him. 

There have been some changes made recently in the pattern of the GSM program. The program is divided into two categories: Offshore and Onshore. For every category, there is another sub category assigned in these, which are again divided into Independent and Sponsored. 

Onshore Skilled Visa

Onshore skilled visa is issued to those candidates who are already in Australia and who want a work permit. Skilled visa will allow them to work in Australia and help them boost their career. There are two types of visas which are issued under this category: Sponsored skilled visa and the other is Independent skilled visa. In the sponsored skilled visa, the candidate is sponsored by the employer or the company he is working in. This process is relatively easy, as there is a recommendation from your employer about your skill which will help you in validating your skill. In sponsored visa, the number of restrictions is more and the candidate has to make a bond or pay a bond. 

In independent skilled visa, the candidate has to apply himself without any recommendation. The person has to either show his educational qualifications which satisfy the conditions of Australia’s Skilled Occupational List or showed show his work experience. This type of visa has less number of restrictions. 

Offshore Skilled Visa

Those who are not in Australia but would like to work in Australia would have to apply for the skilled visa in this category. The applicant cannot be in Australia when the decision is made regarding the visa. The visa is again divided into two sub categories which are Sponsored and Independent Visa. The different types of Offshore Skilled Visa are – 

Skilled Sponsored Visa (Subclass 175) –  This is a permanent visa which is issued when an employer has recommended for your visa from a foreign country. The eligibility is checked on the point based test where you have to score 100 to pass and 80 to be placed in the reserve pool.

Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 176) - The applicant can apply for this visa if he doesn’t have any family member in Australia. The visa eligibility is checked on the basis of qualification or points based system.

Skilled Regional Sponsored (subclass 475) – This visa is valid for 3 years. If the applicant has worked for 2 years then he can apply for a permanent visa. The eligibility is based on points scored by the applicant.

Skilled Recognized Graduate (subclass 476) - This is considered to be a temporary visa which will last only for 18 months. This is issued for recognized engineering graduates who want to pursue further education in Australia. These candidates can apply for GSMN program at anytime of their stay in Australia.