Australian Citizenship Test Rules

The purpose of Australian citizenship test is to assess the basic knowledge of the English language, acquaintance of Australian rights and responsibilities and understand the nature of the application processing. As per the Naturalization law of October 1, 2007 all the applicants who seek to acquire Australian citizenship by naturalization has to apply and pass the citizenship test which mainly consists of topics on citizenship privileges and responsibilities, history and social values, culture and tradition, laws and rights etc. The Australian citizenship test requirements are almost similar to that of other countries except that the rights, duties and obligations of Australian citizen are completely different.

Eligibility requirements to appear for the citizenship test:

To become a part of Australian community and enjoy the benefits of native citizens, one must possess the legal Australian citizenship either by birth or through naturalization process. Candidates who have lodged their citizenship application will receive a letter inviting him/her to write the citizenship test. However, the candidates must have the following eligibility criteria in order to lodge an application form and proceed further with citizenship test.

  • have not been residing in Australia unlawfully at any time in the four years span before lodging the application
  • have sufficient knowledge to speak and understand English language except for those who are aged 60 and above
  • be able to understand the nature of the citizenship application process
  • be prepared to reside in Australia or have close and continuing relationship with the Australian community
  • be able to understand the rights and responsibilities of Australian citizenship ( except for those who are 50 and above)

Before filing an application for citizenship, it is very important for every person to understand the eligibility criteria and Australian citizenship test requirements thoroughly. Some of these requirements are –

  • applicant must have above 18 and below 60 years of age
  • must have permanent residence seeking Australian naturalization
  • show correct proof of identity to the department while registering for the test
  • allow the department to take the photograph of you or provide one yourself

However, those who have lodged their application before 1 October 2007 will get some exemptions while implementing Australian citizenship test requirements.