Documents Required While Applying for Australian Citizenship

Have you ever thought what documents do you need for Australian citizenship before applying?  If not, then it is better to have full knowledge on the required documents checklist so that it will be easier for you to lodge the application. When you apply for Australian citizenship, it is mandatory that you need to provide the list of documents along with the certified photocopies. You may refer to the resource book released by the department of Immigration and citizenship to get all the information about the document checklist for Australian citizenship.

What documents do you need for Australian Citizenship?

Generally, all applicants have to submit some mandatory documents like proof of identity, character evidence and other supporting paper work for department reference.

Proof of Identity documents:

  • Any one of the original documents that show your name and photograph such as passport, drivers license, a nationality card, UNHCR document, student identity card, military or army identity card etc.

  • Document proofs of your current residence address such as rental contracts or any one of the utility bills (current, gas or electricity).

  • Evidence documents showing birth name, birth date, gender and change of name (if applicable) such as birth certificate, marriage or divorce certificates, change of name documents by Australian Registrar etc.

  • Declaration of identity along with the photograph signed by the appropriate Australian authority.

Those who are sending the application under the category of permanent residence status should also include the evidence of their first arrival in Australia.

Evidence of good character:

Those with 18 and above age required to submit National Police Checking Service consent form along with the application. In case if they have travelled overseas for total period of 12 months in the past 10 years then they need to submit penal clearance certificates from overseas countries.

Supporting documents:

The supporting documents that one has to provide varies from person to person and mostly depends on the category in which the candidate is lodging the application form. For instance if you are applying for Australian citizenship by descent, you are required to submit identity proofs of any one of the responsible Australian parents, certificate of parent’s citizenship, proofs of passport, drivers license, utility bills or credit cards etc. Based on the category you may be asked to submit more documents at the time of lodging the application. If you still have confusion regarding what documents do you need for Australian citizenship, you may visit the department of Immigration and citizenship official website.