Australian Citizenship Application Forms and Appeals

Applying for Australian citizenship is a tedious process but there are many advantages once you acquire the citizenship. Being a citizen guarantees many benefits and privileges including your right to stay and vote in Australia, get more employment opportunities, obtain Australian passport and many more. However applying for citizenship involves submission of lot of paper work and appearing for Australian citizenship test. Generally, individuals above the age of 18 who are residing in Australia in permanent residence status are eligible to submit online application form. There are many Australian citizenship application forms and appeals available, which are categorized based on different eligibility criteria and applicants age.

Australian citizenship application forms and appeals:

Application forms:

Application forms are mainly of two types – online application form and paper application form. Applicants can obtain complete details on Australian citizenship from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website or by calling the citizenship information line.

  • There are many ways to apply for Australian citizenship - permanent residence status, descent, adoption etc. Based on the category, applicants are supposed to select the appropriate forms, fill them up and submit along with identity proof and other documents. For instance, form 1300t is defined for the applicants between 18 to 59 years of age with general eligibility while form 1290 is for applicants above 60 years of age applying under special conditions. 
  • Applicants residing in Australia with general eligibility and other situations are allowed to apply for Australian citizenship through online processing. Those who are located outside Australia can follow the same procedure to fill the application form, but need to send them by post or courier directly to the department's ACT and Regions Office of Overseas citizenship unit, Australia. Overseas applicants who have queries on application forms and appeals may contact immigration centers overseas.

Appeals to tribunal:

If your application is cancelled or refused then you have right to ask for the decision to be reviewed by appealing to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Those who are seeking reviews of decision will receive a letter of notification with complete details on where to lodge the application for appeal and the time limit for applying.