Australian Citizenship Application Fees

Complete overview on Australian citizenship processing fee

According to the Nationality and Citizenship Act of Australia, those who acquire citizenship can become the part of Australian community and enjoy the rights and privileges of citizenship. However, applying for Australian citizenship has many steps involved in it and unless you know every single detail, it becomes difficult to continue with the procedure.
Payment of the Australian citizenship application fees is one of the crucial steps because the amount varies based on the type of the application form and concessions & exemptions. Applications lodged within Australia, the payment mode is only in Australian dollars (AUD) and no other form of currency is accepted.

Fee concessions and exemptions:

Fee concessions and exemptions will be different for different application forms. However, those who want to claim a fee exemption or concession need to indicate the same in the form and should provide the supporting documents during lodging of the application. Fee concessions and exemptions are applicable for British and Maltese former child migrants or individuals who have served with the Australian Defense force or persons having pensioner concession card or Health care card.

Australian citizenship application fees:

For applications within Australia

The most preferred payment method for Australian citizenship application fees is by credit card or debit card. However, applicants can also send bank cheques or money orders to the Department of Immigration and citizenship in case of they have no facility of credit and debit cards. In common, for form 1300t (required to take test) the general eligibility-processing fee is 260 AUD and for form 1290 (not required to take test) the processing fee is 130 AUD. Children under the age of 16 applying on the same form as their parents need not pay any additional processing fee. For other forms of Australian citizenship application fees and their concessions, you may visit the DIAC online website.

Outside Australia

Credit cards or Australian dollars bank cheques are the best mode of payments for applications lodged outside Australia. However, those who have no access to these cards may contact nearest overseas immigration office to get all the information about the alternative payment methods. The amount payable will be calculated by the method specified for that country, with the help of currency converter.