Australia Tourist Visa

Australia Tourist Visa


Australia is fast becoming one of the biggest tourist destinations in the east. ‘The Biggest Island’ in the world is the only destination in the southern hemisphere which is highly populated with tourists. If you are planning for a trip to this amazing land then you have to first go through a legitimate process to enter the continent. 

There are two ways of applying for a tourist visa. One is by directly applying for a visa and the other is to apply to the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). Nowadays ETA is one of the most advanced ways of applying for a tourist visa to enter Australia. The Australian ETA is an electronic process of authorizing your stay in Australia. This is applicable only for tourist visas or holiday visas. The visa is not granted for more than 3 months. There is no need of documentation or paper work which will save you a lot of time and the visa process is almost instant. ETA has been an efficient process of visa issuing. 

Rules To Apply For ETA

ETA has come up with lot of advantages for the applicant as it is less laborious. It will allow you to stay for 3 months from 1 year of approval of the visa. The following are the rules for applying ETA – 

• It is very different from applying according to the normal visa process. This process doesn’t require any kind of stamping in the passport or paper work. Also, there is no need of documentation in this process. 

• For you to apply for ETA you should either hold an Australian issued passport or you should be a visitor from a country which can approve ETA. Your country should be eligible for ETA.

• The applicant should submit his passport and passport number with which he will be going to Australia. The passport number is used to identify the authenticity of your passport.

• If your passport is lost/stolen before you enter Australia then you should re-apply for ETA.

Eligibility of ETA

There is only one eligibility factor for applying ETA. That is you can apply from an ETA approved country or region. Otherwise ETA is not issued to an applicant who is not from a country which is not approved for ETA.

Visa Conditions

When a tourist is visiting Australia, he should follow a few conditions. He has to abide by the conditions to enjoy the country’s beauty. Here are a few conditions a visitor should know before entering Australia on business purpose or holiday. 

• Visitors are not allowed to work when they are holding the tourist visa. They can do limited volunteering work. 

• They are not permitted to study or train for a particular profession. They can study or train for any course which has a time period of less than three months. 

• For kids who are at least 11 years old, they can study in a classroom environment provided they take a chest x-ray before they enter the class or start studying.

• The visitor must not be a patient of tuberculosis or should be free from it while travelling. He should enter without any signs of tuberculosis.

• There shouldn’t be any extensions in his stay. He should leave Australia in 3 months.

• If the visitor has any criminal conviction then he will not be allowed to enter Australia.