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Australia still continues to attract immigrants from all over the world since more than a decade. Famous for long, secluded beaches, wide open spaces and high quality of life, Australia has been an integral part of what it is now. It is an immigration nation with a wide variety of individuals planning to live and work.

Australia offers opportunities to skilled persons and those people who come along with them. Australia offers work visas, travel visas, working holiday visas, student visas, business visas, retirement visas, spouse visas and parent visas.

Immigration to Australia began several thousands of years ago when a land mass known as Sahul permitted humans to migrate south. In 1940, Australia had 11,000 immigrants per year which increased to 60,000 per year. Statistics show that by 2008, the immigration figure has reached up to 3000,000 persons per year.

Immigration process: One must follow a specific process in order to immigrate to Australia. The first stage is applying for a visa to Australia. As there are several types of visas, an individual must choose one according to the opportunity he is applying for. Once the visa is obtained, a flight can be booked to Australia.

Instructions: Follow the following instructions to make your immigration process hassle-free.

  • Consult the Skilled Occupations List of the Australian Department of Citizenship and Immigration to check whether you can qualify for immigration based on your professional background. An individual can qualify with necessary qualifications and work experience even without the need for an employment letter.
  • Make a family member, fiancée or spouse who is an Australian resident a contributor for funding you in Australia for two years.
  • Start a business in Australia to get a provisional two-stage visa which can be exchanged with a permanent residency. However, to apply for this visa, an individual must have a successful business career with a commitment to investing in Australia.
  • Required immigration forms can be downloaded from the official site.

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