Australian Citizenship Online Test

Everything you need to know on Australian citizenship online test

The main purpose of Australian citizenship online test is to assess if the applicant is worth the citizenship, check the basic understanding of English and test the knowledge of Australian rights and responsibilities. The new 2007 Australian citizenship Act requires all the applicants who have applied for citizenship should pass this test before going for the interview. The main objective behind conducting this test is to provide the applicants with the general Australian values and test their level of English. To get proficiency with the sample test questions it is better to go through Australian citizenship online test resources that are available on the internet.

About citizenship test:

This computer-based standard test has 20 multiple-choice questions, which are chosen randomly from a database of more than 350 questions. All applicants should get 75% as passing score and are required to finish the test within 45 minutes (or 90 minutes for the test with assistance). The candidates can miss only five questions out of 20 and those who got less than 75% have to retake the test again. For those who are thorough with the Australian citizenship online test format, it is not that hard to pass this exam as all the questions given for the exam are from the sample test resources.

Citizenship test resources:

  • To help you prepare for the test there are many websites and resources available online containing all the valuable information on Australia’s history, law, culture, sports and current affairs. By practicing these tests, applicants get good awareness on how to answer the difficult questions and what type of questions appear on the test.

  • Those who are preparing for the Australian citizenship online test can also order free test resource booklet – Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond that contains testable and non-testable sections. This book gives all the information on various topics such as Australia and its people, its democratic beliefs, rights and liberties, government and its laws etc.  However, the department of Immigration and citizenship does not recommend or suggest any study material for the candidates that will assist them in passing the test.