Australia Child Visa

Migration to Australia under Child Visa Category

The Australia child visa is a permanent visa which allows the dependent children, adopted children, step children and orphan relative, migrate to Australia and stay with their parents permanently. To sponsor the child visa the parent or the sponsor should be an Australian citizen, a holder of permanent visa or the eligible citizen of New Zealand needs to provide assurance of support to the child in Australia. As soon as the Australia child visa is granted the child will be able to live permanently in Australia and gets the eligibility to move in and out of the country as needed for five years.

Australia Child Visa Eligibility and Requirements


The applicant must be single (not married) under 25, and if 18 years of age or older, he or she must be dependent i.e. a full-time student who is financially reliant on their parents. The exception to this requirement is applicable only when the child has a disability and is unable to work in Australia permanently.


Based on the relationship of the applicant to the sponsor such as dependent, adopted, step child or orphan the eligibility and visa requirement varies.

  • Adopted applicants who reside outside the country and applying for the Australia child visa must have been adopted by their parents or sponsors before they became Australian citizens, the holders of an Australian permanent visa or an eligible New Zealand citizens otherwise, need to apply in the adoption visa category.
  • Step children are said to be eligible for Australia child visa under certain conditions like the applicant is less than 18 years of age with the sponsoring step parent holds the legal responsibility of the applicant.
  • The applicant’s original parent is no longer partner of the sponsoring step parent.

Health and character requirements:

Like all the other immigrants, the Australia child visa applicants must also should meet the health and character requirements to enter or remain in Australia.

Custody requirement and assurance of support:

  • In order to get the Australia child visa granted, the child parental custody is very important for the children under 18 years of age which is nothing but obtaining permission to migrate from every person who has a right to decide where the child may live. This will be in the form of a statutory declaration or a court order which allows the child to migrate to Australia.
  • If the applicant or sponsor is likely to rely on the Australian welfare budget or any other forms of support from the government, an Assurance of Support (AOS) in the form of legal commitment from an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident is very much required which provides assurance to repay any recoverable social security payments to the Australian government. This assurance comes into effect as soon as the Australia child visa is granted to remain in Australia or the day the applicant enters the country.

Sponsorship limitation:

If the sponsor or the sponsor’s spouse has a conviction or outstanding charge against the applicant who is below 18 years of age, then the Australia child visa will not be sanctioned unless they submit an AFP National Police Check and/or foreign police certificate/s, depending on their circumstances.