August 24 Birthdays :169 Famous People Birthdays on 24 August

Vince McMahon Birthday (August 24th)

Vince McMahon Birth Details Vincent Kennedy McMahon was born on August 24, 1945.  Importance Vince McMahon is an American, wrestling promoter and film producer.  He is presently the Chairman of the World Wrestling Entertainment Board of directors ....

Yasser Arafat Biography

Mohammed Yasser Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al Qudwa al Husseini, generally known as Yasser Arafat was a Palestine freedom fighter and leader, also a Nobel Peace Prize holder.  He held the office of the Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), President of the Palestine N....

August 24 Birthday Wishes

August 24 Birthday Wishes

May life’s brightest joys illuminate your path‚ and may each day’s journey bring you closer to your dreams! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

The glass is either half-full or half-empty. You are either young or old. YOU ARE YOUNG! Happy Birthday.

August 24Birthday Quotes

'Robert Duvall saw me playing at a restaurant in Louisiana and invited me to be an extra in his movie ’The Apostle.’ He gave me a guitar for my sixth birthday‚ and I thought that was the coolest thing in the world.'

Hunter Hayes

'My life is better with every year of living it.'

Rachel Maddow

People Born on August 24

Year Name
1113 Geoffrey of Anjou Count of Anjou (d. 1151)
1552 Lavinia Fontana Italian painter (d. 1614)
1580 John Taylor English poet (d. 1654)
1591 Robert Herrick English poet (d. 1674)
1635 Peder Griffenfeld Danish statesman (d. 1699)
1669 Alessandro Marcello Italian composer (d. 1747)
1707 Selina Hastings English Evangelical Revivalist (d. 1791)
1750 Letizia Ramolino mother of Napoleon Bonaparte (d. 1836)
1758 Sophia Frederica of Mecklenburg-Schwerin queen of Denmark and Norway (d. 1794)
1759 William Wilberforce English abolitionist (d. 1833)
1787 James Weddell English explorer of Antarctica (d. 1834)
1817 Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy Russian writer (d. 1875)
1837 Theodore Dubois French composer and teacher (d. 1924)
1845 James C. Calhoun American soldier‚ brother-in-law of George Armstrong Custer (d. 1876)
1851 Tom Kendall Australian cricketer (d. 1924)
1852 Deacon White American baseball player (d. 1919)
1863 Dragutin Lerman Croatian explorer (d. 1918)
1872 Max Beerbohm British caricaturist (d. 1956)
1880 Joshua Lionel Cowen American entrepreneur (d. 1965)
1884 Earl Derr Biggers American author (d. 1933)
1887 Harry Hooper American baseball player (d. 1974)
1890 Duke Kahanamoku Hawaiian swimmer and surfer (d. 1968)
1890 Jean Rhys British writer (d. 1979)
1893 Haim Ernst Wertheimer German-born Israeli biochemist‚ recipient of the Israel Prize (d. 1978)
1895 Richard Cushing archbishop of Boston (d. 1970)
1897 Fred Rose American songwriter and publishing executive (d. 1954)
1898 Malcolm Cowley American literary critic (d. 1989)
1899 Jorge Luis Borges Argentine writer (d. 1986)
1899 Albert Claude Belgian biologist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1983)
1899 Gaylord DuBois American comic book writer (d. 1993)
1901 Preston Foster American actor (d. 1970)
1902 Fernand Braudel French historian (d. 1985)
1902 Carlo Gambino Sicilian-born American mafioso (d. 1976)
1903 Karl Hanke Nazi official (d. 1945)
1904 Alice White American actress (d. 1983)
1905 Arthur Crudup American singer and guitarist (d. 1976)
1905 Siaka Stevens President of Sierra Leone (d. 1988)
1907 Bruno Giacometti Swiss architect
1909 Ronald Grieveson South African cricketer (d. 1998)
1911 Lofty England English automotive engineer and race team manager (d. 1995)
1911 Michel Pablo Greek Trotskyist leader (d. 1996)
1912 Durward Kirby American television personality (d. 2000)
1913 Charles Snead Houston American mountaineer
1915 James Tiptree‚ Jr. American writer (d. 1987)
1916 Leo Ferre French composer and singer (d. 1993)
1916 Hal Smith American actor (d. 1994)
1917 Dennis James American game show host (d. 1997)
1918 Sikander Bakht Governor of Kerala (d. 2004)
1919 Enrique Llanes Mexican professional wrestler (d. 2004)
1920 Alex Colville Canadian painter
1921 Sam Tingle Zimbabwean racing driver (d. 2008)
1922 Rene Levesque Premier of Quebec (d. 1987)
1922 Howard Zinn American historian and activist
1923 Arthur Jensen American psychologist
1924 Alyn Ainsworth British bandleader (d. 1990)
1924 Jimmy Gardner British actor (d. 2010)
1927 David Ireland Australian author
1927 Harry Markowitz American economist‚ Nobel laureate
1929 Yasser Arafat Palestinian leader (d. 2004)
1929 Betty Dodson American feminist and sex educator
1932 Robert D. Hales LDS apostle
1934 Kenny Baker English actor
1936 A. S. Byatt English novelist
1936 Kenny Guinn American Governor‚ Nevada
1937 Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola Nigerian politician (d. 1998)
1938 Halldr Blondal Icelandic politician
1938 David Freiberg American bassist (Quicksilver Messenger Service and Jefferson Starship)
1938 Mason Williams American guitarist and composer
1940 Francine Lalonde Quebec politician
1942 Max Cleland American politician
1942 Howard Jacobson British novelist and newspaper columnist
1943 John Cipollina American guitarist (Quicksilver Messenger Service) (d. 1989)
1943 Pini Zahavi Israeli football agent
1944 Bill Goldsworthy Canadian ice hockey player (d. 1996)
1944 Gregory Jarvis American astronaut (d. 1986)
1944 Rocky Johnson Canadian professional wrestler
1945 Ken Hensley English musician (Uriah Heep)
1945 Vince McMahon American professional wrestling promoter
1947 Anne Archer American actress
1947 Paulo Coelho Brazilian author
1947 Roger De Vlaeminck Belgian cyclist
1947 Joe Manchin American politician‚ governor of West Virginia
1947 Vladimir Masorin Russian admiral
1948 Jean-Michel Jarre French musician
1948 Kim Sung-Il Chief of Staff of Republic of Korea Air Force
1949 Joe Regalbuto American actor
1949 Charles Rocket American actor (d. 2005)
1950 John Banaszak Pittsburgh Steelers three-time Super Bowl champion
1950 Tim White American anthropologist
1951 Orson Scott Card American writer
1951 Oscar Hijuelos American author
1952 Bob Corker American politician‚ junior senator of Tennessee
1952 Mike Shanahan American football coach
1952 Linton Kwesi Johnson Jamaican dub poet
1953 Ron Holloway American tenor saxophonist
1954 Philippe Cataldo French singer
1954 Alain Daigle French Canadian ice hockey player
1955 Mike Huckabee American politician‚ Governor/Presidential candidate
1956 John Culberson American politician
1956 Dick Lee Singaporean singer-songwriter
1957 Jeffrey Daniel American dancer and singer (Shalamar)
1957 Stephen Fry English comedian and actor
1958 Steve Guttenberg American actor
1958 Tracy Harris American artist
1958 Chris Offutt American author
1959 Adrian Kuiper former South African cricketer
1960 Kim Christofte Danish footballer
1960 Takashi Miike Japanese filmmaker
1960 Cal Ripken‚ Jr. American baseball player
1961 Ingrid Berghmans Belgian judoka
1961 Jared Harris English actor
1962 Craig Kilborn American talk show host
1962 David Koechner American actor
1962 Major Garrett American journalist
1963 John Bush American singer (Anthrax)
1963 Hideo Kojima Japanese video game director
1964 Dana Gould American comedian and writer
1964 Salizhan Sharipov Russian cosmonaut
1965 Marlee Matlin American actress
1965 Reggie Miller American basketball player
1965 Brian Rajadurai Sri Lankan cricketer
1967 Michael Thomas English footballer
1968 Beno?t Brunet French Canadian ice hockey player
1968 Shoichi Funaki Japanese professional wrestler
1968 Andreas Kisser Brazilian guitarist (Sepultura)
1968 Tim Salmon American baseball player
1970 Dan Henderson American Mixed martial artist
1970 Tugay Kerimo?lu Turkish footballer
1971 Pierfrancesco Favino Italian actor
1972 Jean-Luc Brassard Canadian freestyle skier
1973 Andrew Brunette Canadian ice hockey player
1973 Dave Chappelle American actor and Comedian
1973 Inge de Bruijn Dutch swimmer
1973 Grey DeLisle voice actress
1973 Carmine Giovinazzo American actor
1974 Orla Fallon Irish Vocalist for Celtic Woman
1974 Jennifer Lien American actress
1975 Mark de Vries Surinamese-Dutch footballer
1975 Alex O'Loughlin Australian actor
1976 Nordin Wooter Dutch footballer
1977 Denilson Brazilian footballer
1977 Robert Enke German footballer (d. 2009)
1977 Per Gade Danish footballer
1977 John Green American author
1977 Jrgen Macho Austrian footballer
1978 Rafael Furcal Dominican baseball player
1978 Derek Morris Canadian ice hockey player
1978 Beth Riesgraf American actress
1979 Orlando Engelaar Dutch footballer
1979 Elva Hsiao Taiwanese singer
1979 Michael Redd American basketball player
1979 Markus Walger German rugby player
1980 Sonja Bennett Canadian actress
1981 Jiro Wang Taiwanese singer‚ actor‚ model
1981 Chad Michael Murray American actor
1982 Kim Kallstrom Swedish footballer
1983 Marcel Goc German ice hockey player
1983 Christopher Parker British actor
1984 Kyle Schmid Canadian actor
1984 Yesung a singer‚ a member of Korean boy group Super Junior
1984 Charlie Villanueva American basketball player
1986 Nick Adenhart American baseball player (d. 2009)
1986 Fabiano Santacroce Italian footballer
1987 An?e Kopitar Slovenian ice hockey player
1987 Jon Scheyer American basketball player
1988 Rupert Grint English actor
1988 Helga Krapf Filipina actress
1990 Juan Pedro Lanzani argentine actor and singer
2003 Alexandre Coste son of Albert II‚ Prince of Monaco